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When pepper gets into your eye, don’t use water, use this



Many people have felt the hotness of pepper. Pepper differs in hotness. Either ways through pounding or through your hands or something pepper might go into the eye.

Using water, to rinse the pepper off immediately is a popular thing and it helps but the peppery feeling might linger on for a long while.

Today I will be telling you about this beautiful thing in your kitchen that will TOTALLY neutralize the hotness of the pepper in your eye.

It was a personal experience, I remember pounding pepper and a huge amount flew up into my eye. It was terrible I was almost running mad. My mum rushed to me with water pouring it in my eye It was still as hot as ever. A neighbor just said give her salt to lick and my mum rushed and put salt in my mouth……. That was beyond magic. It was instant the peppery feeling just stopped IMMEDIATELY.

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i can’t explain what’s behind it o.

Salt and pepper complement each other well in food and funny enough they are still opposites.

Trust me on this anytime you are having anything to do with pepper keep salt around you.

If it enters your eye lick salt and swallow a bit and in 2 seconds the pepper in your eye will lost its heat and power.

Don’t swallow all the salt o. Just swallow a little very little and you then spit out the rest.

Afterwards you can rinse your eye with water to keep it clean so pepper particles won’t be there

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Be mindful of your hands o, before you use peppery hands and wash your eye )


if your tongue is on fire, smiles, as in you ate much pepper, you can put salt in water.

Use the water and wash your mouth DO NOT SWALLOW

Then you rinse your mouth in clean water.

Thanks guys. That’s your pepper deliverance.