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When you encounter snails in your dream, this is what it means.


Dreams are actually a reflection of what is happening or what will happen in reality. A lot of people believe in dreams while some people consider dreams as ordinary experiences.

Dreams should be taken seriously because it is through dreams that certain important Revelations about a person’s life are made. Most times dreams do not reveal our life events directly, dreams often come in a way that one has to analyze them before getting a clearer understanding of them.

What does it mean when you encounter snails in your dream? This kind of dream has given so many people sleepless nights as they are trying to get the true meaning of this dream. It is true that snails are a good source of protein and so many people enjoy snail delicacies that are well prepared, but whenever you encounter snails in your dream, it does not depict any positive outcome at all, You must have to pray about it. It is a bad omen and it signifies “delay in life.” Nobody wants to encounter a delay in life, everyone wants to progress and achieve his/her goal at the expected time.

We all know the character of a snail- its slow nature and sluggishness. Encountering snails in your dream does not suggest good; it is a sign of possible delay which you may encounter in life.

In this situation, do not be perturbed; just get hold of yourself and have the conviction that you will avert the situation. To avert the situation, all you have to do is to hold fasting and praying, by the power of the Almighty God, the situation will be averted.