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Whenever you have a fish bone stuck in your throat, check out 5 things that can help remove it.


It can be very painful when you accidentally swallow fish bone while eating. Fish bones are usually sharp and some of them can cause damage to you when mistakenly swallowed. Most bony fishes like carp, trout and sardine usually have plenty bones which could easily get stucked into your throat. After swallowing fish bone you are likely to experience sharp pain in the throat, difficulty swallowing and an uncomfortable sensations in your throat. I will share things you can use to remove the fish bone from your throat.

Below are the ways you can use.

1. Bread and peanut butter.

When you swallow fish bone, you can consume bread and peanut butter immediately. This is because it helps to push the bone inside. Try and make the bread to be full in your mouth and swallow it bit by bit. After this, drink enough water to finalize the process.

2. Olive oil.

The olive oil is good because it is slippery and it assists in getting the bone out. Just drink about 1 to 2 tablespoons of olive oil, it will help lubricate your throat thereby making it easy for the bone to come out.

3. Diluted vinegar

Put about 2 tablespoons of diluted vinegar in water and drink the mixture. It will help soften the fish bone inorder to make swallowing easier.

4. Bananas

When you swallow a small sized bone you can eat bananas. Eat the banana and heap it in your mouth. when the banana becomes moist, swallow it at once. After this you can drink some water.

5. Soda.

Carbonated drinks contain gases which can help break down bone. When you mistakenly swallow fish bone, try and drink soda to help push the bone down.