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Whenever Your Phone Gets Missing, Do These Things Immediately.



Hey Folks! I want to share something which may be of benefit to you in the future. That is incase your phone gets missing or stolen, you will just have to do this and you will know the exact location.

Okay. To begin, just dial *#06# with your mobile phone now. It will bring out a series of about 15 digits.

These digits are different for different phone (unique). Each phone has its own type of 15 numbers been shown when you dial *#06#.

Now after doing that, save those digits in a piece of paper or diary book or any where you keep important documents because it will be so necessary in tracing your phone in the future incase of theft or if it gets missing.

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OK here is where you will use those digits. If your phone get missing or stolen, mail those 15 numbers to They will then replied you with the location of your device and will even show you when your sim card was changed.

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