Where Is Dodi Fayed Father Now?

Throughout his career, Egyptian millionaire Mohamed Fayed has amassed many notable assets, such as the Ritz Hotel in Paris and the Harrods department store in London.

His clashes with the British elite are also well known, and things got worse when his son Dodi and Diana, Princess of Wales were killed in a car crash in 1997.

The documentary claims Alfayed “brokes down tears” when he thinks of his son Dodi, who died in the same car crash that killed Princess Diana.

Former Fayed spokesman Laurie Mayer discusses how the millionaire believes his son and Diana were ‘murdered’ and is under investigation in Diana: Death in Paris The second part of the interview begins his own private investigation into the Paris car accident.

Mohammad Fayed

Mohamed Al-Fayed is alive: where is he now?

The 93-year-old billionaire is active and usually lives with his wife, Haney.

After moving to the UK in 1974 and buying the Ritz Hotel in Paris (1979), Fayed expanded his holdings and added the prefix “al-” to his name.

The turbulent relationship between Fayyad and the British establishment is well documented.

In a brutal takeover in 1985, he challenged the mining group Lonrho to buy House of Fraser, the holding company that manages the Harrods department store.

The owner of Lonrho Roland “Tiny” Rowland persuaded authorities to accuse Fayed of lying about his ability to finance the deal.

His wife, Heini Wathén, is a 67-year-old former model

Heini Wathen-Fayed and Mohamed Al-Fayed have been married for over 35 years. She used to be a model and is thought to be 67 years old.

She also raised four children belonging to the former Fulham Football Club owner. The couple are reportedly wealthy, worth more than £1.2bn, and are thought to own various mansions around the world.

Wathen-Fayed claims she is defending the lawsuit to protect the 12-acre “quiet” environment and prevent the development of the neighborhood.

She has also brought a High Court case to block the development of a large crematorium, which will be built about half a mile from their luxurious Surrey home.

Heini Wathen-Fayed, 67, has filed a lawsuit in response to plans to build a huge funeral home near his £4.6million 17th-century Oxted estate. The complaint concerns the planned use of the Green Belt land.

Egyptian billionaire net worth in 2022: $1.9 billion

With an estimated net worth of $1.9 billion, Mohamed Alfayed is one of the richest Arabs in the world, according to Forbes.

Born in Alexandria, Egypt, the 93-year-old immigrated to the UK in the mid-1960s, where he made a fortune.

Most notably, he is the former owner of London’s Harrod’s, which he sold to Qatar in 2010 for $2.4 billion.

He is the owner of the legendary Ritz Paris, which reopened in 2016 after a four-year renovation. Suites are named after famous guests, including Coco Chanel.

Alfayed reportedly bought Fulham Football Club in 2013 for $300 million from Shahid Khan, an American tycoon that makes auto parts.

Heini Wathen-Fayed and Mohamed Al Fayed  Where Is Dodi Fayed Father Now? Heini Wathen Fayed with Mohamed Al Fayed 300x199

Heini Wathen-Fayed and Mohamed Al Fayed

Dodi Fayed father: Conspiracy theory behind Princess Dana’s death

Alfayed’s son Dodi was romantically involved with Diana, Princess of Wales, when they were killed in a car accident in Paris, France, on August 31, 1997.

On the day it was shown in the TV special Investigating Diana: The Death of Paris, the former head of Harrods displayed a statue commemorating Diana and Dodi in his magnificent Knightsbridge department store.

“This is a sad day for me,” Fayed said in a statement to media staff at the time.

According to Mr Mayer, “[Mohamed Al-Fayed] He himself has longed for acceptance, and that acceptance comes with the connection between Dodi and Diana. “

The billionaire’s investigation into a fatal 1997 car crash is the main focus of the episode to learn more about what happened to Diana and Dodi.

As his former supervisor believed his son was the victim of an “assassination”, Mayer claimed his former boss tried to support his own hypothesis.

In his view, there was no doubt that it was an assassination, he insisted. French investigators ignored Fayed’s argument but still classified it as a “conspiracy”.

Mohammad Fayed

Mohamed Al-Fayed is an Egyptian-born businessman on 27 January 1929 who has lived in the UK since the late 1960s and has concentrated his professional activities there. The former Harrods department store Hôtel Ritz Paris and Fulham FC in London are both owned by Fayed.

Dodi was the son of Fayed and Samira Khashoggi from their first marriage (which lasted from 1954 to 1956) while they were dating Diana, Princess of Wales, when they both died in a car accident in Paris in 1997. In addition to having four children – Jasmine, Karim, Camilla and Omar – with Finnish socialite and former model Heini Wathén, Fayed also married her in 1985 marry. Fayed’s wealth was ranked 1,031st in the world in 2013 with an estimated value of $1.4 billion.

born January 27, 1929 (93 years old)

Alexandria, Kingdom of Egypt

Country of Citizenship Egyptian
Profession merchant
  • Samira Khashoggi



    (Meter. 1954; partition. 1956)​

  • Henney Wasson



    (Meter. 1985)​

children 5, including Dodi and Omar

early life

The eldest son of an Egyptian primary school teacher, he was born in Roshdi, Alexandria, Egypt. His year of birth was questioned. It was previously stated on alfayed.com that he was born in 1933; however, the Ministry of Trade found that his actual year of birth was 1929. In 2011, on the alfayed.com website, “1933” was changed to “1929”. Ali, Salah, Soad and Safia are descendants and siblings of Fayed, who has five children in total. Ali and Salah have been working with him at the company.

Samira Khashoggi was his wife during their marriage from 1954 to 1956. Fayed is working with Saudi Arabian arms dealer and businessman Adnan Khashoggi on the project. Khashoggi is the brother of Fayed’s wife.

Sometime in the early 1970s, he started calling himself “Al-Fayed” instead of “Fayed.” When they bought Fraser House in the 1980s, his brothers Ali and Salah followed suit. However, by the late 1980s, they both reverted to simply calling themselves “Fayed”. While “Al-” does not have the same social connotation as “de” or “von” in Arabic, it has also been speculated that Fayed added “Al-” to his name to suggest that he was born in Noble family, similar to “de” or “von” in French and German. Because of this assumption, Private Eye magazine called him a “false pharaoh.”


Early business dealings

In Egypt, Fayed and his brothers set up a shipping company that later moved its main operations to Genoa, Italy, with more locations in London. Around 1964, Fayed developed a close relationship with Haitian leader Francois Duvalier and became interested in building the Fayed-Duvalier refinery in the country. In addition to this, he established a relationship with the geologist George de Mohrenschildt. Six months later, Fayed decided to shorten his time in Haiti after discovering that the “crude oil” samples his colleagues in Haiti were shipping were in fact low-quality molasses.

After that, Fayed moved to England and settled in central London. In the mid-1960s, Fayed met with Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai. Sheikh Rashid entrusted Fayed with the task of assisting in the transformation of Dubai, and in 1968 Fayed established IMS (International Marine Services). To carry out the necessary construction work in the emirate, Fayed has invited British businesses such as Costain Group, Bernard Sunley & Sons and Taylor Woodrow. Fayed eventually became a director of Costain Group and a 30% shareholder in the company. In 1966, he also served as financial advisor to Omar Ali Saifuddien III, then Sultan of Brunei.

Fayed briefly served on the board of mining giant Lonrho in 1975, but quit the company due to disagreements. In 1979, he bought the Ritz Hotel in Paris, France for $30 million.

In 1984 Fayed and his brother bought a thirty percent investment in House of Fraser from Lonrho principal Roland ‘Tiny’ Rowland. Fraser House is a conglomerate formed by the renowned London department store Harrods. In 1985, he and his brothers paid a combined £615m for the remaining 70% of House of Fraser. Roland claimed the Fayez brothers lied about their history and wealth, and he pressured the government to investigate their claims. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has launched an investigation into the Fayyad family. The DTI investigation that followed was harrowing, but Fayyad was not punished. Also, while many believed the study’s findings, others believed it was politically motivated.

In 1998, Rowland accused Fayed of taking items, including diamonds and documents, from his safe at Harrods. Fayed was detained, but the charges against him were eventually dismissed. Roland died in 1998. Fayed settled the differences by paying his widow. In 2002, Fayed sued the Metropolitan Police for false arrests, but his legal action was unsuccessful.

The Fraser House went public in 1994, while Mohamed Fayed continued his private ownership of Harrods. He relaunched the satirical magazine Punch in 1996, but it folded again in 2002. Al-Fayed submitted his application for citizenship to the UK twice, first in 1994 and once in 1999, without success. It is speculated that Fayed’s feud with Roland was one of the factors that led to his initial rejection of his application for British citizenship.

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