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Charleston SC Kate Waring Murder Case: Where Is Ethan Mack Now? Details Revealed: Today, we are going to talk about the murder of Charleston SC Kate Waring. Yes, you read it right that a prominent murder case is still going on and the suspect has recently filed a plea to avoid a possible life sentence. Charleston SC Kate Waring was the victim in the murder case. However, it is not a recent murder case but it is in the headlines after some new updates come to our eyes. Several people have been making searches to know more about the updates and the suspect. In this article, we are going to share all details about the Charleston SC Kate Waring Murder update, and the suspect’s whereabouts. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Charleston SC Kate Waring Murder Case

According to the reports, only weeks before his retrial for the murder of Kate Waring, the suspect Ethan Mack filed a plea to avoid a possible life sentence. Mack entered an Alford Plea to Voluntary manslaughter which Ethan doesn’t admit guilt but believes a jury will convict him. In the year 2009, he was sentenced to 25 years in jail for the sinking death of Waring at his James Island condominium.

Where Is Ethan Mack Now?

The prosecutor, Scarlett Wilson has accepted the plea and stated that her main witness, Heather Kamp who went through bipolar disorder and lied to the cops about the murder case, was not trustworthy. Tom Waring, Kate’s father talked at the hearing stating that his family is saddened by their daughter’s death. He was thanked by the father of Waring for accepting duties. She became an immediate friend of Kamp. When they arrived in Charleston, she introduced Kamp to her dear friend, Ethan Mack.

Mack and Kamp were in an on-off relationship. Shortly after, Kamp betrayed Mack into considering she was having a kid in order to motivate him to turn on his wealthy friend Waring for financial increment. As per her evidence, Mack and Kamp dared Waring to climb inside a bag at his house of Mack. In the murder case of Charleston SC Kate Waring has gained huge attention from people. The suspect in the murder case is in prison and is currently filing a plea to avoid a possible life sentence. Stay connected with us for more updates.

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