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Where Is Juan Soto Going After Leaving Washington Nationals


He made his MLB debut in 2018, finishing second in the NL Rookie of the Year contest. In 2019, he helped the Nationals win their first World Series.

Who is Juan Sotoโ€™s girlfriend? Does he have a wife?

Juan Soto keeps his personal life secret, preferring to keep it hidden.

He seems too focused on his baseball career and prioritizes it over his love life. He hasnโ€™t made his relationship public yet, and he appears to be single right now, not dating anyone.

The athlete does not yet have a wife, as his marriage has never been publicly acknowledged. The baseball player may have received many marriage proposals for his charisma, but he seems to be focusing on his work.

He has not discussed any of his previous relationships in the media. His followers are curious about who he is dating now and are excited to see him make a couple.

Where is Juan Soto going after leaving the Washington Nationals?

Jim Bowden claims the St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Dodgers, and San Diego Padres are the three teams still in contention for Juan Soto. St. Louisโ€™ MLB roster reportedly has the most talent.

Where the players go after leaving the Washington Nationals remains a mystery. On March 22, 2022, he agreed to a $17.1 million deal with the Nationals to avoid arbitration.

On April 12 against Warriors pitcher Bryce Elder, the baseball star hit his 100th career home run. Juan reached that milestone at age 23, making him the eighth-youngest player in MLB history and the youngest player in Nationals history.

The Juan deal could involve Patrick Corbyn and his expensive contract. Patrick owes nearly $70 million through 2024.

The Seattle Mariners were thought to be interested in Juan but excluded themselves from consideration earlier this weekend when they tapped several top prospects to acquire Luis Castillo.

The recent addition of Andrew Benintendi reduced the need for a second outfielder for the New York Yankees, who were only barely involved in the hunt for Juan.

Juan Sotoโ€™s Salary and Net Worth

Juan Sotoโ€™s net worth is estimated at $10 million. Ken Rosenthal claims Washington is willing to pay him an average salary of $29.33 million a year, which will start to decrease and grow during the contract period.

His total compensation for 2022 is $17.1 million, with a base salary of $17.1 million. Juan recently turned down a $440 million, 15-year extension, prompting the Nationals to consider a trade proposal.

While the $440 million commitment is the most lucrative contract in sports history, the $29.3 million average annual value would only make it the 20th largest contract in baseball history.

In addition to participating in and winning the MLB Home Run Derby in 2022, Juan was selected to play in the MLB All-Star Game. He is the second-youngest home run derby champion.

Contestants were selected to the MLB All-Star lineup on October 29, 2018, for the 2018 MLB Japan All-Star Series.


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