Where Is Rachel Drafta’s Killer Theresa Petto Now?

When Rachel Drafta’s body was found shot dead in her parent’s driveway, it shook the otherwise peaceful city of Portage, Michigan. The police were confused at first, but they soon learned that Teresa Peto was the name of Rachel’s ex-boyfriend. Inquiry Discovery’s documentary “Deadly Woman: Grumpy, Cold Hearted” details the gruesome murder and shows how Teresa was directly implicated throughout the police investigation. Let’s investigate the details of the crime to learn more, shall we?

Who is Teresa Peto?

Hastings, Michigan resident Teresa Payto is no stranger to tragedy. In fact, according to sources, Teresa’s three-week-old child is the father of her then-boyfriend Brent Kik, who was arrested in bizarre circumstances four years before Rachel’s murder. Found dead in her apartment. The episode claimed that Teresa’s relationship with Brent soured after the child’s murder, and the two eventually decided to part ways, although police never brought any charges against her over the child’s death.

Although Brent eventually moved on and started making plans for a better future, Teresa was reluctant to let go of her ex-boyfriend. She also develops jealous feelings and often lashes out at her ex if she finds out she’s dating someone else. According to the episode, investigators believe her jealousy is what drove her to stalk Brent, which is how she found out about his relationship with Rachel De Lafta.

At the time of Rachel’s murder, she and Brent were somewhat xenophobic and even had romantic dreams for each other. However, they do not realize that this tragedy will soon shatter their desires and goals. On June 24, 2015, Teresa finally found a gun and went to Rachel’s parents’ house after she couldn’t control her jealousy. When she arrived, she saw the victim in the driveway and started shooting her casually. When the police arrived, they found Rachel unresponsive and the culprit had disappeared. The victim was then transferred to a nearby hospital by authorities, but Rachel died suddenly two days later but is still being treated for her injuries. Upon examination, it was found that a gunshot wound had killed her.

Police soon learned that Rachel was dating Brent, who was still being pursued by his ex-girlfriend Teresa Peto, although relatively few leads were initially followed in the investigation. Detectives found enough evidence to disprove Teresa’s early denials of involvement in the crime and her insistence on her innocence, so they arrested the suspect.

Is Teresa Peto dead or alive?

Teresa initially entered a plea of ​​not guilty when she was called to testify, but she quickly changed it to guilty but mentally ill. As a result, she was sentenced to life in prison without parole in 2016. Interestingly, Teresa asked for a new trial in 2019 and even tried to withdraw her guilty plea, but was ultimately denied. As a result, Teresa was imprisoned in March 2022, when rumors of her death began to spread. Although the news was officially announced on March 14, the cause of her death has not been made public yet!

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