Where is Victor Saucedo’s Killer Vegas Bray Now?

Investigations have found that the series “Deadly Woman: Hold On To Die” centers on Vegas Bray, a former California Navy mechanic who has an obsession with her ex-boyfriend Victor Southedo. Vegas went after him after breaking up with her and damaging his property, until he began to fear for his safety. His nightmare came true when Vegas killed him in October 2012.

The investigation that led to her arrest by the police continued throughout the series. If you would like to learn more about this case, we will support you. So who is this Vegas Bray? Let’s investigate.

Victor Saucedo’s Killer Vegas Bray

Who is Vegas Bray?

Vegas Batallya Bray was born in San Diego, California in 1988. She is a talented student, but also charming and polite. She came from a broken family and had no father in her childhood, but she never allowed these issues to show up in her grades; she was straight-up straight through high school. After graduation, she was hired by the Army as a naval mechanic. There she met fellow Navy Victor C. Saucedo aboard a destroyer in Southern California, and they developed a brief romance.

They started dating in March 2011 after discovering they had a dark sense of humor. However, their relationship is in jeopardy, as jealous Vegas doesn’t even allow Victor to talk to his ex-girlfriend, the mother of his child. By 2012, they had both left the Navy; Victor attended a nearby college to support his son, and Vegas started working as a cocktail waiter at a nightclub. By then, Victor had cut ties with Vegas, unfriended her on Facebook and stopped returning her calls.

For the next 10 months or so, the ex-lover kept in touch occasionally even after the breakup. According to prosecutors and witnesses, Vegas “snapped” here. She starts stalking Victor, starts stalking him, cuts the tires of his car, smashes glass bottles, puts peanut butter on his front door, and other acts of vandalism. Victor reported them to the police several times, but no one was ever charged or detained.

Vegas said Victor was working to make amends, even arranging to rent an apartment with her at his California complex a week before the murder. Police later found disturbing memos on her device and a list of things she wanted to do, including buying a gun, killing Victor and repeatedly abusing him. Vegas passed by his residence on October 15, 2012, and they both enjoyed drinking. Vegas wants to eat breakfast the morning after they have sex. The last straw that broke her was Victor’s refusal.

She apparently spent a morning at the DMV with her brother Santiago because she was ashamed. On October 16, 2012, around 3pm, Victor’s neighbour claimed to have seen her enter his apartment and then heard a series of bullets. Victor was killed after being shot nine times by the woman with a gun and hollow cartridges before she called 911 herself.

Where is Vegas Brae today?

Vegas was arrested and interrogated, but she insists she was unconscious and didn’t know what happened. She had experienced sexual abuse for most of her childhood, and a psychiatrist discovered grief and post-traumatic stress disorder in her. She was arraigned on April 24, 2013 and charged with Victor’s murder. But the judge ruled that a psychiatric examination should be carried out after a breakdown in court. After nearly three years of treatment, the court determined she was fit to stand trial.

Her trial began on October 15, 2015. On that fateful day in October 2012, her defenders claimed she suffered from “post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental illnesses”. On January 8, 2016, she was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to 50 years in prison. In April 2017, she appealed the ruling, which was dismissed. Vegas, 33, is currently being held in a cell at the Central California Women’s Shelter, according to official court records. Vegas will be eligible for parole in October 2036, according to her prison records.

Woman who stalked, killed ex-boyfriend gets 50 years in jail

A woman convicted of what the prosecution said was “the ultimate act of obsession” – stalking, harassing and shooting her ex – faces a 50-year life sentence.

In 2012, Vegas Bray, 27, who shot and killed her ex-boyfriend Victor Saucedo at her Empire Beach home, was charged with first-degree Murder and gun charges. Vegas Bray was convicted of the charges in November.

Bray was also ordered to pay $5,000 in restitution on Friday. Socedo’s 9-year-old son and a relative sat outside the courtroom as other family members sat in two rows of seats.

Saucedo’s brother, Tony Saucedo, reacted to Bray’s statement, saying, “Whatever happens will happen.” Put my brother next to me, or put my brother next to his son – it won’t have what a difference.

First, his nephew was distraught by his father’s death, but he is now recovering, he claims.

Bray’s lawyers urged the judge to take into account Bray, who had mental health problems, was abandoned by her mother and was beaten at a young age. The judge claimed that jurors had the opportunity to consider this, but still chose to convict her.

According to Deputy District Attorney Harrison Kennedy, Bray performed “the ultimate act of obsession” when she broke into Southedo’s apartment and shot him nine times with hollow bullets.

In overtime, the Padres left the Dodgers.

Kennedy claimed Bray fired several rounds at Socedo with a .38 revolver before reloading.

Following the incident, Bray was escorted to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department for questioning but was quickly taken into custody.

Several friends of Saucedo said Bray was a former Navy sailor who worked at the “Little Darlings” adult cabaret show at Lemon Grove.

Bray was calm during the arraignment, but she was calm when she pleaded not guilty in front of more than a dozen Saucedo friends and supporters. Bray was portrayed by many acquaintances as an unstable ex-girlfriend who had reportedly been chasing Socedo in the months leading up to his death.

Socedo, 28, who recently left the military and supported his then 7-year-old son through work and school, spoke at an emotional candlelit memorial.

His friend told NBC 7 that he has had issues with Bray since they split about a year ago. Saucedo even changed apartments to get away from her.

She wouldn’t leave him alone. They parted ways. The victim’s ex-fiancee, Zulema Reyes, claimed in 2012 that she could not move on.

Kennedy agreed with Bray trying to rebuild her relationship with Southedo in preparation for the hearing.

Socedo has repeatedly reported vandalism, the sheriff’s office said. Authorities investigated the calls, but no one was detained and no suspects were named.

Reyes recalls the damage eggs, paint, vinegar and jelly jars caused to the Saucedo’s home. She blamed Bray for the incidents.

According to his best friend Jeremiah Messenger, because he was someone who talked about women, Saucedo didn’t think the authorities were taking him seriously. The courier continued: “There was nothing they could do; no physical harm was done to him; no one had seen it.

She was arrested in 2007 on theft charges after pleading no contest to 2008 driving violations and theft charges, according to court records. As a result, she paid the fine and enrolled in a shoplifting recovery program.

Responding to the allegations against Bray, her mother earlier told NBC 7 that she was probably trying to defend herself and that she would never have acted like that without extreme desperation.

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