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Where to find Ice Maze Island in Lost Ark? #find #Ice #Maze #Island #Lost #Ark Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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This small island is hidden in a small corner of the map that nobody would explore. While the Ice Maze is a bit difficult to find, many other players have already found it. For those who are at a loss, there is a simple solution that will help you find them.

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Guide to the Ice Maze Islands

CmaTrends  Where To Find Ice Maze Island In Lost Ark? « CmaTrends blank

Screenshot of Pro Game GuidesTo find this island, players must go inside the northeast corner of the map, along the east coast of Shushire. A little off that coast, near the bottom edge in the Sirius Sea, players can find this small island. In order to get the Ice Maze Isle Token, players need a specific item.

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The quest item needed to obtain the Ice Maze Island Token is Humpback Whale Oil. Players can obtain this collectible by completing the Isle of Notos six times per day, or by purchasing it from the Spearfishing Hunting Guild Vessel outside of Shushire. Keep in mind that purchasing it will cost players 6,000 Pirate Coins.

What can you find on Ice Maze Island?

The search for the token is invoked Torches of Kindness. To obtain this quest, players must speak to Shepherd Laha in one of the four corners of the maze. Outside of the token, players will receive:

Valuable Ice Maze Chest
8 selection bags for uncommon battle engraving recipes
4 Uncommon Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (class exclusive)
7,000 pirate coin
37,000 silver

The repeatable quest on Stray Raccoon Island is given by the concerned shepherd in one of the four corners. The reward offered for completing Stray Raccoon is 3,000 silver. Players can also find total five mokokos to collect here.

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