Who Are Brian and Sarah Baeumler From Renovation Island? What We Know About The HGTV Hosts

The star-studded couple from HGTV’s Renovation Island are Brian and Sarah Baeumler.

Bryan and Sarah have won over fans after appearing on the reality TV show Makeover Island. In South Andros, the Baumler family sets out to rebuild a ruined Bahamian resort.

Although the first episode of their restoration adventure aired in 2019, their love story actually started much earlier. They are a power couple with mutual interests who are good at what they do.

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler from Renovation Island

Who are Brian and Sarah Baumler of Makeover Island?

Although Brian and Sarah are new to American reality TV, Canadians love them. They align with the show House Of Brian, which debuted in 2010, making them a regular among Canadian audiences.

The Baeumlers have renovated many homes and properties over the years, and audiences have enjoyed following their journey.

Although they were new to the Baeumlers after taking over the American Remake reality show, audiences loved them and their idea of ​​a revamp throughout the episode.

Their chemistry together only makes it bigger. The Baumler family have similar personalities, love and kill each other, and have similar interests. It is worth seeing. Power couple Baeumlers are known for their innovative renovation ideas.

What is the net worth of Brian and Sarah Baumler?

Combined, the couple is worth $20 million. In 2017, the pair purchased an abandoned Bahamas resort on the Caribbean coast and turned it into the Caerula Mar club they now own and operate. These actors appear on Bryan Inc. with Quentyn “Q” Baeumler, Charlotte Baeumler, Lincoln “Link” Baeumler and Josephine “JoJo” Baeumler.

Bryan Baeumler appeared on the TV series Disaster DIY from 2007 to 2011 on HGTV and HGTV Canada, House of Bryan from 2010 to 2015 and Leave it to Bryan from 2012 to 2017.

Their success on reality TV has also brought them considerable economic growth. The couple will continue to make more money with the same reputation for years to come.

Brian and Sarah Baumler Net Worth  Who Are Brian and Sarah Baeumler From Renovation Island? What We Know About The HGTV Hosts Net Worth Of Bryan And Sarah Baeumler 300x178

Brian and Sarah Baumler Net Worth

Are Brian and Sarah Baumler still married?Their new baby explores

Sara and Brian are still together and very happy with their bond. They have four children together, although Sarah’s newest child is unknown.

Baeumlers’ three children were homeschooled and raised in rural areas. They managed to do it despite the difficulty of raising children in rural areas and the fact that they lacked many necessities.

They love what they do, though, and their life has been an adventure. Although they misestimated the cost involved in renovating the island, they still succeeded and did a fantastic job. They are the new power couple of reality TV, and their fame is growing every day.

About Brian Baumler

Bryan Baeumler is a Canadian television personality who has appeared on several HGTV and HGTV Canada shows. He was born on April 18, 1974. He was a businessman and handyman in the past, and he incorporated those experiences into a series of TV shows about home renovations in Canada, which later expanded to include hotel renovations in the Bahamas. He is the author of a book on the topic of home improvement and has won a Gemini Award for hosting.

born April 18, 1974 (48 years old)

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

spouse Sarah
children Quentin Warner, Charlotte Anne, Lincoln Wolfgang, Josephine Judith
programme brian i.
station Hunan Satellite TV
network HGTV Canada
style TV host
nation Canada
previous show
  • Disaster DIY (2007–2011)
  • Brian House (2010–2015)
  • leave it to brian (2012–2017)
  • Bryan. (2016–2018)

Early life and education

Baeumler spent his early summers building his family’s cabin, where he learned the skill from his father, an aircraft engineer. When Baumler was 14, he started his own handyman business and started doing odd jobs for neighbors. In 1996, he attended the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Business.

business activities

From 1995 to 2003, Baumler was a manager of an air cargo company.

After gaining experience in the construction industry as a builder, he went on to build a construction business that eventually morphed into Baeumler Quality Construction and Renovations Inc., of which he currently serves as President and CEO.

In 2011, Baeumler developed Baeumler Approved,[NB 1] A website that helps Canadian homeowners connect with home service companies. Baeumler Approved is designed to be user-friendly and comprehensive.

In 2018, Baeumler was named spokesperson for peer-to-peer mobile marketplace app HeyBryan[NB 2]which connects homeowners with home service providers.

In 2017, Brian and his wife Sarah purchased an abandoned, abandoned beachfront resort in South Andros, Bahamas. They then restored it into a new sustainable luxury resort, Caerula Mar Club, which opened in December 2019. Brian and Sarah are the owners and operators of the property.

Due to their status in the Bahamas, the Baeumlers were able to participate in the 2019 disaster relief effort. The work came after Hurricane Dorian. Although the cyclone did not directly hit their resort, relatives and families of some of their workers lived on islands further north, which were severely damaged.

personal life

Quintyn Werner, Charlotte Anne, Lincoln Wolfgang and Josephine Judith are four children welcomed by Baeumler and his wife Sarah (March 26, 1978).

Baeumler’s children were initially home-schooled while the family was staying at the Caerula Mar resort undergoing renovations (as seen on Bryan Island). During this time, the Baumlers were filming Bryant Island. After that, Quentin attended a neighboring Bahamian school, while the other three children attended a boarding school at the same location nearby. Quintyn had the opportunity to live a typical high school life at a boarding school. Brian and Sarah’s marriage is under a lot of pressure due to the extensive renovation of the resort.

Sarah Baumler bio, family, profession, husband, net worth, measurements

Sarah Baumler: Resume, Family, Career

The TV personality gave birth to an Aries on March 26, 1978 in Oakville, Canada. She was born to loving and loyal parents, but little information is available about them. Not only was Baeumler her parents’ child, but she didn’t reveal anything about her siblings. She is of Canadian nationality and of white ancestry.

She previously worked as a camp consultant at Camp Totoredaca and as a bartender at a spaghetti factory. She has studied and taught jazz, modern theatre and classical ballet. In 2006, she opened Balletmane Performing Arts, a classical dance school.

But she was in the spotlight when she joined Bryan for the HGTV Canadian series The Bryan House. In addition, she has appeared on shows like “Victory House,” “The Last Straw,” and “On the Stick at the Brian House.” She and her spouse also focus on Renovations Inc. and the Renovation Island program. Also, they had to close the resort in March 2020, but because for their happy HGTV audience, they were able to return in October of the same year.

Sarah Baumler: Personal Life and Husband

As we pointed out in the introduction, seasoned designers are married women. Bryan Baeumler is a businessman, host and television personality from Canada to whom she is married. After meeting for the first time in high school, they started dating ten years later. During this time, they kept in touch while working on graduate and postgraduate courses.

Sometime later in 2004, he posed the question to her on a romantic seascape climb when he was planning to visit his family in Nova Scotia. However, despite all the hiccups during the day, he managed to propose to her the same night. Eventually, he had to postpone his plans due to the fog. Later, on September 3, 2004, the couple exchanged vows at the Graydon Hall estate in Toronto.

The couple also welcomed two boys and two girls for a total of four children. Quintyn Werner is the eldest, followed by Charlotte Anne, Lincoln Wolfgang the second and Josephine Judith the youngest. Baeumler has a strong and positive relationship with each other.

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