Who Are Ethan Hazzard’s Parents? Afro-British Actor Is Famous For ‘Wolves 2020’

Rising star Ethan Hazard is best known for playing the hunter in “The Wolves Are Coming.” The identity of his parents and other pertinent information remain undisclosed.

Ethan had a hard time trying to make an impact in Hollywood. After landing some notable movie parts, the actor is trying to maintain his reputation in the field. Despite officially making his big-screen debut in 2018, he’s still in the beginning stages of his journey.

However, only a few productions have wowed audiences and caught the attention of famous Hollywood directors and actors. If he can rule the industry, time will tell.

Ethan Hazzard

Who are Ethan Hazard’s parents?

British actor Ethan Hazzard was born in 1995. His parents’ names remain a mystery.

Ethan was born in south London, England, but his birthplace and the identity of his parents have been kept secret. He recently entered the show business and hopes to keep his private life private for a while longer.

From his appearance we can infer that his parents are of African descent. Ethan was born in England, where he grew up and became a citizen after completing high school there.

As he builds a strong career, information about his parents and siblings may become public. But until then, we have to make up for what we know about his parents and family.

Hazzard, 23, still new to Hollywood  Who Are Ethan Hazzard’s Parents? Afro-British Actor Is Famous For ‘Wolves 2020’ Hazzard is 23 years old and still new to Hollywood 261x300

Hazzard, 23, still new to Hollywood

Ethan Hazard’s career

In 2018, stage performer Ethan Hazzard made his big screen debut.

He made his debut as Limahl in the TV series Damned. He has two episodes of the show to showcase his talent. In the same year, he also had the opportunity to play Elias in the play “Long Song”. Andrea Levy’s best-selling book, set in the latter stages of 19th-century Jamaican slavery, was the inspiration for the TV adaptation.

By 2019, the actor started appearing in movies. Ethan played the role of Isaac in the suspenseful film The Expendables, written by Giles Alderson and Jonny Grant and directed by Giles Alderson. He plays Michael in the 2020 movie Break.

The 23-year-old has appeared in various movies and TV shows. He goes out of his way to take on roles of various personalities and makes no secret of his responsibilities.

With the role of Hunter in the TV series “Wolf Raised”, he broke through the mainstream in one fell swoop. He rose to fame and attention due to his great work as a hunter.

His career can be described like this:

show/movie Role company Director year
Raised by wolves hunter HBO MAX / SCOTT free production Different kinds 2020 TV show
Giri / Haji Joel Sister Pictures/BBC/NETFLIX Ben Chessel 2019 TV show
long song Elias BBC / Haidee Films / NBC Universal Television Mahalia Bello 2018 TV show
damn it Limar What a lark! Production/Channel 4 Natalie Bailey 2018 TV show
dare Isaac B2Y Productions / Jupiter Light Pictures + Gilles Alderson 2019 Movie
rest Michael Breaking Film/Scanner – Rhodes Productions Michael Elkin 2020 Movie
fellowship Jermaine Hampstead Theatre Paulette Randall theater

More about Ethan Hazard

He is a single black British actor who now puts his work first. Aasiya Shah is his closest friend, although they have no romantic connection. It’s unclear if either of them has romantic feelings for the other. This talented young man loves to hang out with his buddies. He likes to spend time with his friends. The people he knew before he became famous are still in his life.

The up-and-coming actor appears to be a Christian. In October 2018, he signed up for an Instagram account. Since then, he has added 1,600 followers and shared 49 images. The actor’s Twitter following is also expanding.

Ethan claims actors Johnny Depp and Emma Worston have caught his eye. These are his favorite actors. Ethan has a special focus on adventure activities such as climbing and hiking. The British performer enjoys traveling and playing outdoors. If asked, Greece would be his ideal holiday destination.

Ethan Hazard, a well-known Hollywood actor, was born in South London, England in 1998. Movies “The Wolf is Coming” (2020), “The Expendables” (2019), Giri/Haji brought him the most notoriety (2019). 2018 marked the beginning of his quest.

Name: Ethan Hazzard
Year of Birth: 1998
Age: 23​​ (as of 2021)
Birthplace: South London, UK
Nationality: British
Religion: Christianity
Race: African-British
Occupation: Actor
Trip start time: 2018-present
Net worth: £50,000
Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Weight: 70 kg

Family Members and Education –

Ethan was brought to a Christian family in England, where he was of African descent.

There is not much information about his relatives online.

Ethan is one of those people who likes to demystify his personal life. He considers Aasiya Shah his closest associate.

His current relationship status is a person.

Ethan attended a high school in the area until he finished school. Afterwards, they continued their education at nearby universities, where they eventually earned their degrees.

Ethan has not disclosed the name of his high school or college to the public.

favorite things

Johnny Depp is a famous actor.

Emma Watson, famous actress

color: blue

Hobbies: Travel, hiking, hiking and partying

Food: Pizza, pressed powder, Epanadillas, tocos, avocado sandwiches


Ethan Hazzard is a famous child star in Hollywood. He is currently in his teenage years. At a young age, he started his career. 2018 marked the beginning of Ethan’s quest, but it was the release of The Wolf Came that made him a hit and made him a household name. In the TV series “The Damned”, he played Ingrid’s adopted son, Limar. The show featured him in two separate episodes of its second season. In wolves rearing, he played the role of hunter. Issac is Ethan’s character in the 2019 horror/suspense/thriller The Dare, directed by Giles Alderson and co-written by Giles Alderson and Jonny Grant. In the 2020 film Break, written and directed by Michael Elkin, he plays the role of Michael.

Ethan maintains a successful profile on Instagram with over 1090 followers. Some users follow him on his Twitter account.

Ethan Hazzard Affairs and Marital Status

What is the relationship status of Ethan Hazzard in terms of marriage? If you are interested in learning about my personal life, this section is for you. Information about marital status, affairs, hobbies, and other topics has been added to this section. In this section, we also discuss some of our favorite people, along with colors, food, and other things.

marital status unmarried
date with unknown
relation never talked about
Wife/Spouse Name will be updated
Hobby travel, trekking, trekking, party
father’s name Father’s name: unknown
mother’s name Mother’s name: unknown
brother Coming soon
elder sister Coming soon
famous relative unknown, to be updated
daughter and son Not available

Ethan Hazzard Net Worth and Salary Information

Do you want to know Ethan Hazzard’s net worth? How much does he earn? Although it is difficult to gather exact information on wages and assets. In the sections below, we focus on net worth and salary. We present the controversy in this section. Ethan Hazzard has a net worth of £50,000 (as of 2020). (as of 2020).

income Coming soon
Net assets £50,000 (as of 2020)
favourite colour blue
favorite dish Pizza, Pasteles, Empanadillas, Tacos, Avocado Sandwich, etc
favorite destination Greece

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