Who are GRVMNT Dance Crew? CGT Golden Buzzer Team Members – Age and Instagram

Who are GRVMNT Dance Crew? CGT Golden Buzzer Team Members – Age and Instagram: here is a most searched question-making round all over the web, GRVMNT Dance Crew also known as Groovenet has been receiving Golden Buzzer in their audition round. So in this article, we are gonna be talking about the upcoming episode which has been titled “Canda’s Got Talent”. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

The hip-hop dance crew has been seems so impressed and amazed by the Judges and the crowd too. The judges seem to enjoy their performances so much and they all have the chance to be impress the judges so that they can be in a safe zone. So in this episode, you guys will also see that the professional dance group has been also seen in the next round as in the first round they have been given their best.

Why GRVMNT has been choosing the stage for a new show?

This is because they wanted to prove that hip-hop dancing is not just an act but the main event too. S their main motive to be on this stage is to promote hip-hop worldwide.

Who Are GRVMNT Dance Crew?

GRVMNT dance crew is one of the most professional dance groups which is from Vancouver, Canada. This is the most popular and highly appreciable dance team that has the dream of coating dance platforms including NBC World of Dance Season 2 and 4 and the World Hip Hop Dance Championship.

GRVMNT s the silver medalist also and they even have a huge fan base on social media platforms. The team received training from the renowned coaches Cezar Tantoco and Mark Dogillo. They are on this show with the aim of representing Hip-Hop all around the world and they also trying to be spread awareness about the same.

CGT Golden Buzzer Team GRVMNT Members And Age Details: Meet Them On Instagram:-

At the stage of the show, there were seventeen participants those were represented their talent and the GRVMNT is the highly popular group that received the Golden Buzzer among the rest.

The following list includes the names and ages of the GRVMNT crew members:-

Teija Harries who is 20years old, Jez who is 24 years old, Dexter who is 22 years old, Jenna who is 22 years old, Travis who is 20 years old, James who is a teenager and also known as Jimmy, Emily who is 19, Lucky who is 19, Michael who is 19, Derek who is 18. Ella who is 18, Joaquin who is 18, Shamira who is 17, Jessi, Eric who si 15, Edion who is 15, and Ryan who is 13 years old too.

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