Who are Hydra on The Masked Singer?

Who is Hydra on The Masked Singer?: The reality singing competition show titled The Masked Singer is luring the audience as its season 7 has just kicked started. Season 7 of the show is said to be the toughest and most challenging season of the show ever had. From the very first episode of the season, 7 fans are trying to figure out who are the celebrities are disguised beneath the masks. Fans have witnessed 15 masks in the show which is why people are endeavoring to know about the famous faces hidden under those masks. And we have come up with a few names who are likely to be under the mask of Hydra. To get the answer of who is Hydra you have to look at the downward placed section. So scroll down the screen and start reading this article. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Who is Hydra on The Masked Singer?

As there are plenty of contestants in the show FOX split them into three groups A, B, and C. While Group A is 4 down at this point in time as we have witnessed four exits from the show in the very first week of the show. In the first week, the four celebrities of group A who got eliminated from the show were McTerrier (Duff Goldman), Cyclops (Jorge Garcia), Thingamabob (Jordan Mailata), and Ram (Joe Buck). And in the last week’s episode fans got to know about an eliminated celebrity of Group B. The eliminated contestant of Group B was unmasked as the supermodel named Christie Brinkley.

‘The Masked Singer’ spoilers

Now people are anticipating Hydra masked celebrities as they are wondering who are the two famous faces hidden beneath the Hydra mask. And we have concluded that the two personalities inside the costume of Hydra could be Penn & Teller who are famous magicians. It is certain to wonder about the costume of the Hydra as there are three heads in the costume and probable the third head is just to misguide the fans.

Hydra masked singer performed on the “Hey Soul Sister” by Train in the first appearance. We claimed Hydra could be the pair of two famous magicians on the basis of the distinct voice of Penn that was seemed to be one of the sounds of Hydra’s masked singers.  There are some other notable things to predict about Hydra such as the magic 8 ball. If you are satisfied with our guess then you can also read about the Armadillo Masked singer on this web page.

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