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Who are Irma Garcia and Eva Mireles? Texas School Shooting Victims Names And Photos: Recently, the news was circulating on the internet that a shooting had taken place in Uvalde, Texas. The shooting was a big disaster for everyone. Because it has been thrown out openly. The shooting is done by a high school student. And it was he who started this shooting. So many people were killed during this incident. And whenever such a case has happened, many people have died. According to reports, 19 students have died and two teachers have died. 19 children have died in this firing. It was a shock to everyone. The parents of 19 children were deeply saddened and are mourning his sudden demise. If anyone tries to stop this shooting then there is a possibility that that person will also die. Because the main thing is that the killer has a gun and pointed his gun at everyone. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Who are Irma Garcia and Eva Mireles?

As we have already said that 19 children have died and two teachers have died. Their identity has now been revealed. Two teachers named Irma Garcia and Eva. Both are 30 years old and have been in teaching sessions for 17 years. Yes, they are very experienced, mature enough, and give the right education to the children. Talking about children, we did not get much information, but through some sources, we extract some information about children.

The boy, named fourth-grade student Javier Lopez, died Tuesday after an 18-year-old gunman opened fire at Rob’s Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Along with this, his friend Uziyah, who was studying in class IV, has also died in the incident of bullet injury. He was turning ten this summer. Ujiah’s aunt, Nikki Cross, confirmed his death and shared a picture of him on her social media account.

Irma Garcia’s Husband Joe Garcia?

Let’s talk about Irma’s love life. She is married to Joe Garcia. Both are in a good relationship and both spend quality time with each other. Not a single day came in her life when she did not talk to him by saying that everything is fine. She was very supportive and always stood by him in every situation. no matter what. This is the information we have. She didn’t share that much. Since she wants to keep the information private. and did not share it with anyone.

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