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Who Are Zoe Hobbs Parents Dorothy And Grant?


In 2019, Hobbs participated in the New Zealand Athletics Association’s Podium (P2P) group, a national initiative to prepare young athletes to compete at the highest level in their sport.

But she was told at the end of last season that she needed to get better if she wanted to stay in the group. Coach Mortimer said the incident was a wake-up call for Zoe, who observed a shift in her focus as she was determined to start the winter strongly.

Zoe has an extraordinary ability to exert power quickly. With every step she takes during her workout, the goal is to apply more force, which will result in world-class turnover and stride length. That talent helped Hobb reach the Commonwealth semi-finals.

Zoe Hobbs Parents: Mama Dorothy and Papa Grant

Zoe Hobbs’ parents, Dorothy and Grant Hobbs, were a major influence on her career. Grant was a stockbroker and her mother, Dorothy, was a hospital receptionist.

She was five years old when her parents took her to the track club. She is a child who loves the outdoors and is very active at school.

She has loved sports since she first started competing in sports in her hometown, and she is always fast. She participated in many sports to keep up with her siblings.

She recalls watching her brother play with her parents at the Pacific School Games. She also recalled that it was unfair because she couldn’t compete.

When Zoe is upset, her parents assure her that her time will come. Since the Hobbs won the 100m three years in a row and are currently in the semi-finals of the Commonwealth Games, they have been in the lead.

The athlete is always grateful to her parents and candidly admits that everything she has today is the result of their unwavering support. Her parents must be thrilled now when their daughter advances to the semifinals.

Does Zoe Hobbs have siblings?family information

Zoe Hobbs’ younger brother is two years older than her. Connor was his name.

Her brother is also an avid athlete. Her siblings beat her in the 2008 Pacific School Games.

She expressed in an interview how jealous she was that Connor had the opportunity to represent the country. She had the same goals at the time and was confident she could fill the void since the retirement of New Zealand women’s sprinter Susan Jowitt in 1976.

The fact that Zoe spent her early years with her competitive brother was one of the factors that contributed to her success.

Who is Zoe Hobbs dating? Does she have a boyfriend?

According to her Instagram, Zoe doesn’t appear to be dating anyone at the moment. She has been very busy recently because of the preparations for the Commonwealth Games and events.

As already said, she’s exercising and putting a lot of emphasis on her fitness in most of her Instagram photos, so she doesn’t have much time for her dating life.

In her spare time, she likes to go to the beach, but she usually goes with her friends. Zoe’s Instagram account is a lot of fun to browse because she can draw attention to herself with each post. @zoe Hobbs is Hobb’s Instagram username, where you can follow her.

Zoe Hobbs is now in the semi-finals of the Commonwealth Games

After a high-profile match, Zoe was able to advance to the Commonwealth Games semi-finals.

Hobbs, 24, was the last man to leave the starting grid in the first of seven preliminaries at the Alexander Stadium, possibly due to Tanzanian Winifrida Makenji’s disqualification for a wrong start. Still, she quickly made up the lost distance and finished second in 11.09 seconds, tying her previous record last month.

She was fourth in three automatic qualifiers, 10.99 seconds behind Grace Nokocha of Nigeria. When the results came out, the athletes were ecstatic.

Although her run started wrong and had to start over, she was able to finish it. In the end, Hobbs was the fastest to finish fifth and advance to the Commonwealth semi-finals.


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