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Who Is Aliana Mawla? Liam Payne’s New Girlfriend After Split From Maya Henry: Nowadays we always try to find a good partner. Some couples found a good partner while some did not. Some are always struggling to find a good partner and the rest of their life will be gone. Recently, news has surfaced on the internet that Aaliana Mawla and Liam Payne were in a relationship after they were seen together at Heathrow Airport. According to his photos, Aaliyana was 24 years old and Liam was 27 years old. Aliana is an American Model, Social Media Influencer, and Instagram Star. She loves to upload videos on Tiktok and wants to interact with her audience. She was born in Colorado Spring, Colorado on November 14, 1997. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Who Is Aliana Mawla?

She creates great content on Tik Tok and a ton of viewers will watch her videos from different parts of the world. In the comment section, people say that when we watch your videos we forget our stress and tension and enjoy it to the fullest. We will entertain you after watching your video. And this is something we always wanted from a creator. We also watch videos of other creators but we don’t like their content. They still have good content, better quality, and a good story but creators like you were different. Some say your videos are awesome. And it’s so funny in your videos. We recommend it to our friends and they like it too.

Liam Payne’s New Girlfriend After Split From Maya Henry

Aliana Mawla got engaged to her boyfriend Lima Payne. She was taking care of her husband and loved spending time with him. But Lima Payne already had a girlfriend whom he broke up with and was now with his other girlfriend. Aliana Mawla. She did not know the reason for the breakup. He did not give the reason for the split.

Liam was spending time with Maya Henry before Aliana when he divorced her and has no contact with her anymore. Even she is not in touch with him. His first link is on 23 May. She was very active on Instagram. If you want to follow her then you can find it on @alianamwala. She replies to each and every person but if she got free time otherwise not. On her account, she has thousands of followers. Follow this site to get stay updated.

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