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Who Is Andrew Rosindell? Why was Tory MP Andrew Rosindell Arrested? Charges Explained: Some incidents embarrass our images of humans. we are humans and we have limits for not harming another person. the latest incident is covered by our sources. Now lets us discuss what is happening and what matters in all case. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Who is Andrew Roseindell?

Andrew Roseindell is a very popular person. he is a  politician and member of parliament of the Romford Constituency in Greater London. he served his service in the nation since 2001. Andrew was a leading pro-Brexit. he has been arrested on suspicion of varied inappropriate offenses alleged devoted between 2002 and 2008. Many ladies and young girls are deeply filled her case and they do not disclose his name and details for security reasons. but now the police open his all case files and they are trying to solve his case.

Why was Tory MP Andrew Rosindell Arrested?

Andrew belongs to a political party and he has a main post in his party. so previous years the police were not allowed to reopen the case but now the time is changing and his news is trending on social media. public pressure allows reopening his case. When any women go to his office for help and for official work he misbehaves with ladies and blackmailed many ladies. Andrew misused his power. no one has to stop his bad habits.


Who is Andrew Rosindell’s wife?

Andrew is married to Tamsin Thomas. they first meet on Christmas eve. they lived together for many years and both are caring and respect each other. Andrew’s wife said that his husband doesn’t do these types of things and she supports her.

Andrew Roseindell Net Worth

According to sources he has $1.2 million. He is the director of the European Foundation. he does not disclose his net worth and bank balance.

The reaction of the Public and police to Andrew Rosindell Arrest

The public is very angry and their demand is to punish and went to jail. police are investigating his case with a tender. Government take strict action against him. he order the officer that this case is solved as soon as possible.

Following his arrest, his fans block the roads and mourned against the police. but lots of people are happy. people spread his news on social media handles. Press and media cover his news on their own channel. the government decides that these types of people are not allowed in elections.

Now, this case has been going into the court and the judges will decide his future.

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