Who Is Andrii Meleshkov? Ukrainian Man Stabbed, Reason Explained, Age, Family & More!

Sardar recent reports a very shocking news is coming up where a Ukrainian man was being stabbed by the people when he was speaking Russian at a Brooklyn bar and then the police started their investigation and now it is being told that it is a hate crime this is very shocking that people are still creating Gate violence over these things the name of the person is Andrii Meleshkov. He was born in Eastern Ukraine and talked about her mother so her mother was a Russian woman. Stay tuned with us till the last of this article and follow for more. so according to this incident, he told that he was going to the cafe’s signature karaoke bar and he was going to celebrate his birthday last Monday. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Andrii Meleshkov?

And then they ordered their food and settle down there at the table with their friends so suddenly a person came and said that you look like a Russian who is Ukrainian according to the investigation. Meleshkov who was a truck driver and his age were 36 years old however he has already left Europe which is eastern and he move to live in Brooklyn in the year 2015 he was are you Ukrainian but no one believes him. So he also mention that he changed to Ukraine so that he can calm down and he can get and translate the words to prove to them that he is a real Ukrainian.

Why Was Andrii Meleshkov Stabbed?

However according to his friend he was facing very much difficulty in speaking the Russian language and he was also pronouncing everything wrong with the wrong choice of vowels and consonants however he mentions that you are wrong then you have to come along with me and he warned him many times. He was be done very badly and many wounds were there on his cheeks, ears, and nose and doctor say that he is going to have 17 stitches in total. Meleshkov’s parents are currently hiding from the police.

Andrii Meleshkov: Wikipedia & Biography

And they are in the basement the reason why they are hiding from the police and the Russian Army is that they may have to pay the bills birthday has left the please and the owner is getting very angry however to beers from the table and he has he took everything away and he also mentioned and that I am going to kill you. Everything happened too fast that no one believe that it could be possible when he post him away then he hit him on his neck and the blood started coming.

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