Who is Ashley Solis? a video leaked on Twitter -Two of Deshaun Watson’s accusers

Who is Ashley Solis?

During an interview with Soledad O’Brien on HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbell” that aired Tuesday at 10 p.m. They made a massage therapy appointment.

The two women, Ashley Solis and Kayla Hayes, are two of 22 plaintiffs who are filing a civil lawsuit against 26-year-old Cleveland Browns starting quarterback Watson for massage Suspected sexual misconduct at an appointment.

Watson’s attorney, Rusty Harding, told Cleveland.com that Watson declined HBO’s request to be interviewed about the show due to an ongoing NFL investigation. But one of his attorneys, Leah Graham, spoke with HBO and maintained Watson’s innocence on all 22 counts.

Watson was not indicted by two grand juries over 10 police complaints. He is testifying in 22 civil lawsuits and is also working with the NFL on ongoing review of allegations in accordance with the Personal Conduct Policy. Depending on the terms of the policy, he could be fined or suspended or both.

“When I was working, he deliberately grabbed my penis and put it on my hand,” Solis told O’Brien, according to an excerpt from HBO. “I immediately pulled my hand away and started crying. I told him I’m done. I don’t want to do that again.”

Hayes explained that Watson “wanted me to do a kind of V-shaped movement in his pelvic area. So over his belly to his thighs and back to his belly. I was massaging and doing what he wanted all the time. , until his cock kept stroking me while I was doing it. He moved his cock back and forth and my hand was moving.”

She said he deliberately let his cock touch her hand.

“Eventually he ejaculated,” Hayes said. “It’s shameful, embarrassing and disgusting.”

Watson steadfastly maintained his innocence during the Browns’ introductory press conference on March 25 at the team’s headquarters in Berea, Ohio.


Solis said she felt threatened after telling him she was done with the meeting.

“He said, ‘I know you have a business to protect.’ And ‘I know you don’t want anyone to screw it up, just like I don’t want anyone to screw up mine,’” she said. “For me, I was really scared at that moment.”

“Because it sounded like a threat to me,” Solis said.

The women representing all 22 plaintiffs and their attorney, Tony Buzbee, are frustrated that Watson received a record-breaking $230 million NFL contract from the Browns in the trade with the Texans. The Browns, who beat four teams for Watson, gave up six draft picks, including three first-round picks and one sixth-round pick.

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