Who Is Billy Brownless Mystery New Girlfriend? How Are Things With Garry Lyon Now?

Social media has been discussing Billy Brownlees’ recent relationship.

On Friday, August 19, Geelong’s star man Brownlees officially denied that he stopped dating. The 55-year-old claims she recently developed a deep relationship with an unnamed partner and the pair are currently considering their options.

The former Australian footballer, who was born and raised in Jerrydrie, NSW, played for AFL team Geelong. He now works as a radio and television presenter.

After 27 years at Nine, Anthony Brownless left The Sunday Footy Show and the organisation’s officers in September 2021.

Billy Brownlees

Who is Billy Brownlees’ mysterious new girlfriend?Former AFL star beloved

For Billy Brownlees admirers and supporters, he recently revealed his long-ago love life, and that could be good news. He admitted in an interview with the Herald Sun that he was dating his new girlfriend.

“It’s a brand new friendship, small but sweet. We’re going well and slowly.” When the 55-year-old revealed the details, his supporters breathed a sigh of relief because they had been worried about him previous relationship and watched him suffer over the years following his divorce from ex-wife Nicky Brownlis.

Former football legend and Triple M radio host Billy Brownlees calls himself a “fisherman” when looking for love. Brownless was forced to admit the truth when his Triple M teammates made fun of the former All-Australian being seen dating an unnamed woman.

However, he did not provide any other details about his new girlfriend. Her identity and specific circumstances are so unknown. Her ex-partner Nicky is 52, making the age difference ideal for Billy, who is 55.

Billy Brownlees Rich Net Worth in 2022

Former AFL football player Billy Brownlees has an estimated net worth of $3 million, according to Idol Net Worth. His colleague Gary Leon (with whom Nicki scammed Billy) has a $5 million fortune.

Brownlees has been a regular guest appearance on The Sunday Footy Show and The Footy Show since 2005. He also co-hosted SEN 1116’s daily breakfast show Morning Glory in Melbourne.

But in November 2008, his five-day-a-week assignment came to an end. Before the 2008 AFL season ended, Brownlees was a featured player on the weekly Foxtel football show Bounce, hosted by Jason Dunstall and Danny Frawley.

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Billy Brownlees mysterious new girlfriend

Billy Brownlee’s children, ex-wife Nikki and Gary Lyon drama

Billy Brownlees and his ex-wife Nicky have four children together. Their two sons are Oscar and Max, while their daughters are Lucy and Ruby.

Nicki started dating Brownlee’s colleague Galion after learning they divorced in 2015 after 18 years of marriage.

In addition, Brownless and Nicki garnered media attention throughout 2016 and beyond. As a result of the relationship, Brownlees and Lyon had an argument, which led to Lyon leaving The Footy Show in frustration.

Despite Nicky and Lyon’s reassurance that they were nothing more than good friends, Brownlees felt duped. Billy Brownlees’ daughter Lucy is open about her father’s reunion with Garrion, a former best friend who is now meeting Brownlees’ ex-wife.

Billy Brownlees

Anthony William Brownlees, born 28 January 1967, played for Geelong in the Australian Football League (AFL) in the 1980s and 1990s. He is a former Australian Rules football player and a radio and television media personality.

early life

Brownlees was born and raised in the small town of Jerrydrie in New South Wales. He initially played for Jerilderie Football Club when they were a member of the Murray Football League. He boarded for three years at Assumption College, one of Australia’s best known ‘football nurseries’, in Kilmore, Victoria. Assumption College has a long history of developing football players who go on to play in the AFL. Brownlees scored 155 goals for the school team in 1984, his final year at the academy.



Brownless was invited to train with Geelong, but he declined the invitation and instead returned to the Jerilderie, where he spent time with loved ones and played a season of senior football, before heading to Geelong. During the 1985 season, he worked as a farm worker while also playing senior football for the Jerilderie, scoring 148 goals for the team. Jerilderie entered the championship but ended up losing. Despite suffering an ankle injury in the previous game, Brownlees contributed to six of his team’s nine goals.

Brownlees relocated to Geelong in time for the start of the 1986 VFL season and found a job as a groundskeeper at Cardinia Park. He claims playing for Geelong was a natural progression for him due to the town’s agricultural environment:

Brownlees made his VFL debut in the first round in 1986 and quickly established himself as a powerful all-forward, winning the Cats first-year player of the year award that season. Brownlees made his VFL debut in 1986. He has since gone on to play 198 games and score 441 goals, making him fifth in Geelong’s all-time scorer list behind Gary Abright (1021), Doug Wade (834) and others. ), Tom Hawkins (545) and Steve Johnson. During his career he was a member of the Geelong Cats (452).

Brownless has many cherished memories, but one of his favorites is when he scored against Footscray in the 1994 qualifying final. He flagged the ball into shooting range with seconds left and with Geelong a point behind, he hit a target to send Geelong into the next stage of the final. This moves Geelong into the next round. The Cats were able to make it all the way to the championship game, but they ultimately didn’t make it. Brownless was one of four teams in Geelong who struggled in the Finals.

Brownlees “retired” in 1997 at the age of 30, although the real reason for his retirement was that the club did not need him for the 1998 AFL season. Brownlees’ last season at the club was in 1998.

Brownlee now holds the record for the most goals scored in a game at the Gabba Stadium with 11.

country of origin

Brownlees made his debut in the NSW Country of Origin competition in 1988. He scored a total of three goals at the Carnival of Origin that year, two in the first game against South Australia and one in the second. , against Western Australia. [4] In 1993 he took part in the Origin Carnival again, this time being picked for the NSW/ACT against Victoria. Brownless fills the team’s linebacker position, which also includes Wayne Carey and John Longmire. He led the Allies to a five-goal victory over Western Australia in 1995 and was voted one of the game’s best players for his efforts.

Media career and life after football

After retiring from sports, Brownlees moved to the media and began appearing frequently on The Footy Show. He played the role of the family patriarch, Joybell Bulger, in his episode of The Footy Show called “The House of Bulger.”

After joining the station, he became a sales representative for 95.5 K-Rock in Geelong. Soon after, on their ‘Big Mattress’ breakfast show, he started twice a week with former Geelong footballer Dwayne Russell and Essendon supporter ‘Ferret’ (Russell Taylor) Hosting a sports/comedy film called “On The Bench”. In “On The Bench”, a large number of Geelong players appear as special guests. Among them are Barry Stoneham, Tim McGrath and Paul Kutcher.

In 1992, he played an Australian Rules football game at 32 meters or more from the Mirol silo, making him the first winner of the Rivina Mirol silo kick.

In August 1999, it was reported that both the Australian Labor Party (ALP) and Australia’s ruling Liberal Party were interested in recruiting Brownlees to politics, despite his limited experience. Despite the fact that Brownlees has no experience in the field. Brownless persuaded Felicity Kennett, who was married to then-Prime Minister Jeff Kennett, to become Geelong’s first female vote-holder. This is important because Labour leader Steve Brax, who went on to win the state election that year, is a Geelong supporter. Bracks went on to win the election.

By 2005, Brownlees had appeared on The Sunday Footy Show and was a regular on The Footy Show. In addition to this, he is the co-host of the breakfast show Morning Glory, which airs weekdays on Melbourne radio station SEN 1116. Brownlees completed his five-day workweek commitment in November 2008. Brownlees, along with Jason Dunstall and Danny Frawley, played regularly on Foxtel’s weekly football show Before the Bounce from the start to finish of the 2008 AFL season.

Brownless was added as a regular on the Thursday night AFL football show in May 2008 to replace the incapacitated Sam Newman. However, when Newman was able to return to the show, Brownlees was relegated to a guest panel. From 2009 until the end of the show in 2019, Brownlees was again a regular alongside Shane Crawford to replace Trevor Marmalade, alternating weekly with Crawford and, since 2012, Matthew Lloyd. From 2009 to the end of the show in 2019, Brownlees was again a regular with Shane Crawford.

In March 2010, Brownless co-hosted Triple M Melbourne’s new driving show with James Brayshaw, called The Rush Hour.

Brownless is the new owner of the Cumberland Hotel in Castlemaine, Victoria. In addition, he is the owner of the Cremorne Hotel in Newtown, Victoria.

Brownlees appeared in the sixth season of the Australian version of I Am a Celebrity, which began airing in January 2020.

I have to get out of this place!

After 27 years at Nine, Brownlees announced in September 2021 that he would be withdrawing from the Sunday Football Show and the network entirely.

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