Who is Bison Dele? Was He Ever Found? His kidnapping and Murder Documentary

Bison Dele was an American professional basketball player. He was born on 6 April 1969. Bison played center for the NBA’s Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Clippers, Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons, and Chicago Bulls. Bison was born on an Easter Sunday on 6 April 1969 in Fresno California. Bison was the second son of the popular singer Eugene Williams Jr. And Patricia Phillips. His father was of African-American descent. Bison did his high school studies at Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas Nevada. He was an amazing player, every team wanted him to be their part. But in the year 2002 something happened which changed everything. In the year 2002, Bison was making headlines all across the globe, but all for bad and negative reasons. He went missing from the south pacific ocean and no one ever heard from him since then.

On 6 July 2002, Bison went sailing with her girlfriend Serena Karlan and famous skipper Bertrand Saldo. They sailed from Tahiti. They went sailing deep into the south pacific ocean. 6 July 2002, was the last day when everyone, saw Bison, since that unfortunate day, no one ever saw or heard from Bison Dele. The popular basketball star became a mystery for all the investigators. He was later pronounced dead by the authorities. His fans and followers and loved ones were deeply shocked and traumatized when they got to know about him being missing. No one ever imagined that this could ever happen to him. His fans were deeply pained with sorrow. His sudden disappearance made everyone flabbergasted.

According to the reports, Brian’s brother Miles Dabord was the only person, who was last in contact with Bison and her girlfriend and Saldo, while they were sailing. Everyone thought Miles was the killer. Everyone thought Miles have killed three of them in the middle of the ocean. Miles was hardly interrogated by the police officers. As we told everyone pointed their fingers toward Miles, so later during the investigation, Dabord overdosed himself with insulin and went into Coma. This was another major turning point in this mysterious disappearing case of Bison Dele. Later, Dabord died in the hospital, where he was being treated in California. His facet confirmed the crime he committed on the boat in the sea. The whole story was revealed by his facet, about he and Bison wrestled and accidentally Hit her girlfriend and she died, and later, how both were killed.
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