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Who Is Bowen Turner? Serial Rapist, 19, Gets PROBATION Despite Multiple Assault Allegations Wiki Biography

Bowen Turner

One of the infamous personalities named Bowen Turner is again started collecting headlines. The eminent criminal isn’t getting attention for another crime this time, however, the court has granted his Probation. The decision of the court shocked zillions of people are Turner is a serial rapist. As per the reports, he had been alleged with charges of rape and that is too with three women but detained only of attacking one. The news of his Probation has been released all over the Internet and netizens are coming up with different reactions. Get more information on who is serial rapist Bowen Turner and other details.

According to the latest reports, the criminal is just 19 years and he committed such kinds of heinous crimes in his teenage. He even raised a huge controversy as the court described that he is able to avoid imprisonment for his crimes. Even after being accused of several rape charges and continuously breaking the rules of his bond he only served five years of probation. Recently, on Friday, 8th April 2022 the court found him guilty of first-degree assault and battery charges.

Besides, the court only served him with first-degree assault and the accused received probation for battery charges because he was a juvenile at the time he committed the crime. The father of the serial rapist named David Pascoe designated an investigator for South Carolina’s first circuit solicitor. The netizens are claiming that the punishment of the abhorrent criminal has been reduced to the power and strong connection of his father. His duo of father and son is getting condemned all over the Internet along with that the justice served in the case of Tuner is also getting criticized.

As far as his crimes of Turner concerned, he admitted to assaulting Chloe Bess back in the year 2019. Bess is the daughter of a pastor who publically alleged Turner that he raped her at a pond house party. The statement has been released by Bess during a press conference. The victim also expressed the disappointment she got after learning about the sentence of her accused.

Bess’ father also released a statement that says “Where we need to do moving forward is to continue.” He further says that he is going to become a voice for all the victims. The statement was later published by WCSC. We will get back to you with more information on the case till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.


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