Who Is Braid Barbie Baby Daddy? Katiyah Hines Car Accident And Huge Backlash On Social Media

Hairstylist and social media influencer Braid Barbie, aka Katiyah Hines. She was recently taken into custody following a horrific crash in which her passenger was killed.

Authorities allege she was speeding while intoxicated. Neither she nor the victim were using seat belts. The deceased victim was named Jayquan Marquise Reid.

Braid Barbie owns and operates a company called Braid Barbie LLC, which provides customers with a variety of weaving styles.

As Braid Barbie is known to her fans, they are curious to know who the father of her child is.

braids barbie

Who is Braided Barbie Daddy?

People are curious about the father of baby Braid Barbie, but she hasn’t revealed any details about him.

Braid Barbie is allegedly having a romantic relationship with rapper DaBaby, reports Blacksportsonline. Although it is said that they have met in person before, the two have never revealed their relationship to fans.

Barbie has kept her personal life private from the public, so there isn’t much information about her relationship. She never posts pictures of her partner online.

Over the next few days, Barbie may open up about the status of her relationship with the public.

Although Barbie doesn’t have a personal Instagram account, it seems her hairstyling business is represented there.

Katiyah Hines arrested over passenger death

Katiyah Hines, also known as Braid Barbie, is in police custody after her passenger was murdered in a fatal car crash.

Motorist Katiyah Hines was reportedly charged with causing a fatal collision in North Charlotte, according to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

Police were called to a three-vehicle crash on Pat Garrett Street near Stateville Avenue in Twin Oaks after midnight on Monday night, according to reports.

Two passengers were in the SUV at the time of the accident, according to officials. The driver was taken to hospital with serious injuries, and passenger Jayquan Reid, who was later identified, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said the driver, Katiyah Hines, collided with two other parked cars on the right side of the street while heading west. The SUV then rolled over and stopped. Authorities claim Reed and Hines were not using seat belts.

Authorities found during the investigation that Hines’ speeding and intoxication contributed to the collision. It was Hines who was charged with felony vehicular homicide.

Katiyah Hines Charges

Recently, Katiyah Hines was arrested in a horrific car accident in which her passenger was killed. She was detained and charged with manslaughter, according to news reports.

Officials are still investigating each part of the investigation to determine what caused the incident.

But it is alleged that Hines was to blame after investigations revealed she was intoxicated. None of the Hyundai passengers were wearing seat belts, according to officials.

The new arrests by the authorities could greatly jeopardize Hines’ professional future.

Although there has not been much coverage of the arrests, some news sites have begun reporting their stories.

Internet users are already discussing her arrest and predicting the end of her career as they find it hard to believe that their favorite influencer would commit such a crime.

Although the specifics of the case have not been made public, she was sentenced to prison terms.

Barbie and her baby daddy DaBaby  Who Is Braid Barbie Baby Daddy? Katiyah Hines Car Accident And Huge Backlash On Social Media Braid Barbie Baby Daddy 300x198

Barbie and her baby daddy DaBaby

braids barbie net worth

Braid Barbie’s net worth is still being calculated, so exact numbers are not yet available. Braid started making videos as a hairstylist and uploading them to her social media platforms.

She now has a huge following on social media. However, the influencer went against her usual demeanor and started posting confident internet content.

She is the owner and manager of Braid Barbie LLC, which offers clients a variety of hairstyles and braids.

Who is Braided Barbie?Charlotte influencer dies after being arrested by her vehicle

Braid Barbie, a social media celebrity and hairstylist from Charlotte, has just been arrested after a fatal car crash left her passenger dead. Braid Barbie was driving at the time of the accident.

Braid Barbie, whose name is Katiyah Ashanti Hines, is an entrepreneur and social media influencer. She is the sole proprietor and controls the operations of a business called Braid Barbie LLC. The company offers clients a variety of braiding styles and styling their hair.

With Hines’ recent detention by authorities, her career could be in jeopardy. Several news sites have started publishing their stories, although the arrests have not yet received widespread media coverage.

People on the internet have a hard time believing that their favorite influencer would commit such a crime. As such, they have started blogging about her arrest and speculating that her career may be over in the near future.

Let’s learn more about Braid Barbie and take a closer look at the arrest records and her age.

Name braids barbie
real name Katiyah Ashanti Hines
age 27 years old
Instagram @braidbarbie.drip
Country of Citizenship American

Who is Braided Barbie? Why was she arrested?wiki

Charlotte-based Braid Barbie is an influencer on various social media platforms.

Although Barbie’s real name is Katiyah Ashanti Hines and there is no profile on Wikipedia about her wiki and biography yet, for the benefit of our readers, we have included all information about the influencer and audience in this article.

Hines is a successful businesswoman and social media influencer. She is the owner of Braid Barbie LLC, where she styles her clients’ hair and braids them using her own company. On her Instagram account, she can be seen posting pictures of happy customers.

However, the successful hairstylist now appears to be in some kind of legal trouble. Authorities were reportedly able to locate and detain her after a fatal car crash that killed her passenger, WBTV reported.

When police arrived at the scene of the accident, they found that Barbie had been driving a Hyundai that collided with two parked cars, a Honda and a Lexus. Jayquan Marquise Reid, who was Barbie’s passenger, died as a result of the incident. Fortunately, no one was in either of the parked cars at the time of the collision.

At the scene of the accident, authorities determined that Reed had died and found Barbie DUI and speeding. At the time of the collision, no one in a Hyundai vehicle was wearing a seat belt, even though the law required it.

After suffering some minor injuries, Barbie was taken to hospital for treatment before being detained by authorities. The collision occurred on Pat Garrett Street, which is accessible via Statesville Avenue north of Charlotte.

What is Braided Barbie Age?

By 2022, Braid Barbie will actually be 27 years old.

The social media influencer was born in 1995, but her exact date of birth is unknown. Her birth year was designated as 1995.

She has not shared any photos or videos of her birthday celebrations on the internet, and as of now, she has not revealed her real date of birth to any reporters or members of the media.

Additionally, Brad may have been born in the Charlotte area; however, she has not revealed any information about her childhood or birthplace. There is also no information about her parents online.

Despite the fact that she is a well-known influencer on the internet, Braid seems to have done a great job of hiding her personal life from the public eye.

Does Braided Barbie have a boyfriend?

Braid Barbie hasn’t revealed anything about the man she’s dating.

However, she was traveling with Jayquan Marquise Reid at the time of the accident; although it is not known if the two were in a relationship, she knew she was with him.

Black Sports Online claims that rapper DaBaby was previously Barbie’s boyfriend and the two had a relationship in the past. They never publicly admitted to fans that they were in a relationship, but the story suggests the two have remained close in the past.

Since Barbie’s private life is not known to the public, very little information about her romantic life can be found on the Internet. She never shares any photos of herself online with her boyfriend.

Meet Braid Barbie on Instagram

You can search for Braid Barbie on Instagram under the “braidbarbie.drip” account.

Barbie does not appear to have a personal Instagram account, although an Instagram account for what appears to be Barbie’s hair salon can be seen online.

Still, Instagram has over 9,700 followers and has made over 336 posts so far.

There is no picture of Barbie herself on the profile; most of the posts from the account are braids from customers and promotional deals available to them.

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