Who Is Carmen Piscioneri? Mahmoud Brownie Ahmed Wife Was Fatally Shot Check Details

Carmen Piscioner is the spouse of one of the infamous personalities of Australia named Mahmoud Ahmad. The eminent gangster is also known as Brownie, he is the don of the most notorious underworld in Australia. The gangster got shot fatally lately on 27th April 2022. The incident shocked the entire Australian underworld. The entire mishap occurred in the late hours of Wednesday when the dreaded gangster was shot and died. Police arrived at the crime scene and seized the spot and started their investigation. The relatives of the gangster also arrived at the scene however, police authority didnโ€™t allow them to check out the corpse of Brownie. Get more information on who is Mahmoud Ahmad and his wife Carmen Piscioner.

Who Is Carmen Piscioneri? Mahmoud Brownie Ahmed Wife Was Fatally Shot Check Details  Who Is Carmen Piscioneri? Mahmoud Brownie Ahmed Wife Was Fatally Shot Check Details Who Is Carmen Piscioneri

The mishap went widely viral all over the Internet and it is also getting shared on significant social media accounts. As the incident gets public awareness the name of the gangster is getting searched on the web. Numerous people are learning more about him and his background. The gangster Ahmad said killed in a gang war on a suburban street in Greenacre spherical at around 9:30 PM on Wednesday.

Who Is Carmen Piscioneri?

In addition to this, a reward of $1 million was on his head. Police authority was searching for the culprit of the killing. Along with that the people also search about his family background and personal details. After some search netizens came to know that he had been married to a woman named Carmen Piscioneri. Brownie married 32 years old back in 2018. She is 36 years old of her age so far. Ahmad was released from jail six months earlier after serving five years of imprisonment. He went to jail after murdering one of his rivals.

In the month of October of the closing year, he was attacked by his rivalry at Rushcutters Bay Park. He had been attacked in the broad daylight but he managed to escape the attack. His family and associates warned him multiple times that he was a wanted man and a rival gang was searching him for revenge but he didnโ€™t listen to them and now he had been assassinated.

All of his family members are now mourning his death. The family members of the gangster assembled at the crime scene in the early hours of Thursday. Nonetheless, the law enforcement seize the area and households were prevented to go through the crime spot. We will get back to you with more information till then stay connected with social telecast.

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