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Who Is Cedric Mcmillan Wife Eva Matulessy? Instagram Wiki Biography Age


In recent news, bodybuilding icon Cedric McMillan died. He was only 44-year-old at the time of his unfortunate demise. On Wednesday, the classic champion’s death was confirmed by Generation Iron. It is reported that Cedric suffered a heart attack that eventually claimed his life. The legendary bodybuilder was on the treadmill when the unfortunate incident occurred. Ever since the death news of the icon surfaced on the internet, netizens are searching for his wife Eva Matulessy McMillan, and his family. Let us find out complete details about Eva and more about the icon as well.

The American IFBB professional bodybuilder and the United States Army Instructor breathed his last on Tuesday, April 12, 2022. The entire bodybuilding community is mourning the sudden passing of Cedric McMillan. The fact that he was too young and had an adorable family, makes the news even sadder. Sincere tributes to Cedric began pouring in after news of his death surfaced on the internet. None of his well-wishers and followers could believe that they have lost the bodybuilder forever.

Cedric McMillan was well known for bringing the “classic” look back to Men’s Open bodybuilding. Needless to say, the world got devastated after learning about the 44-year-old’s untimely death. Amid heartfelt tributes and condolences messages, one thing that was reported being searched was his wife. Everyone seems to be eager to know about Cedric McMillan’s wife, Eva Matulessy-McMillan. However, some sources claim that Patricia Worsfold is the name of McMillan’s wife.

It is expected that the bodybuilder married twice and Eva can be his second wife. Nevertheless, we are not confirming the above statement as the information is inspired by several sources. As netizens are searching for Eva Matulessy, the woman has started to trend on various platforms. Apart from the information that Eva Matulessy-McMillan is the survived wife of the iconic bodybuilder Cedric MacMillan, we do not happen to have any more details about her. The couple shared four adorable children who will have to live without their father.

The entire family of Cedric is grieving at this moment as neither in their dreams, they had imagined this to happen. Cedric was a top open division having 8 Pro wins and has managed to land in the Top 5 in the major competition on several occasions. Renowned for his aesthetic physique which stands out from the larger and blocker mass physiques dominating the sport, Cedric will always be remembered by his loved ones.


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