Who Is CHRIS CHESTER? Kobe Bryant Widow Awarded $16 Million Over Crash Site Photos!

Chris Chester net worth

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In this article, we will update you on Chris Chester. As everyone knows, he is a well-known American football guard, he has been playing for the football college in Okhla Homa, he was born on January 12, 1983, and he is currently 39 years old. He was born and raised in California United. The states and the number of games he played is 16. No doubt he is a hard working person and there are a lot of questions regarding his net worth so as of now we get this information that a co-plaintiff in Kobe Bryant. By having a trial, he will be paid $15 million in damages and this news is generating controversy all over the social media platform. Follow our website ElMundoChismosos.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Kobe Bryant’s widow gets $16 million for photos at crash site

However, if we talk about the current situation, news came out as recently as August 24, 2022, where the jury was setting our trial date for Wednesday and it was said that his trial would last 11 days and would be located in Los Angeles. that he is at fault for mishandling the family photos of that particular victim and it is a very painful move for the victim’s family now it is also causing emotional stress and it is not good to show someone’s privacy in public however on 26 January in the year 2020 Bryant and his daughter Bryant involved in a helicopter accident that was very terrible.

What happened to Kobe Bryant?

The third incident in particular was very painful for everyone and I’ll talk about the helicopter so they were residing in the S 76b helicopters that crashed badly after rolling from 200 feet per minute apart from them there were 7 other people who were deciding on that helicopter in particular, were innocent people who died in that particular incident that took place in California, it has been a year since that terrible incident happened, but the investigators police are still trying to investigate about the whole accident of that helicopter and about the Circumstances, however, were brief. information about the pilot flying the helicopter about the weather conditions and about the equipment that the helicopter has for the safety of people.

Chris Chester net worth

However, a hearing was held on August 10, 2022 where there were several images floating on the social media platform regarding the helicopter crash. They blamed La County for not having proper control of the photos and have been mishandling the photos. Speaking of Chester, he was the one who was also a well known Orange County financial advisor and in that particular incident he also lost his wife and daughter, it was a very painful time for him and yet he couldn’t describe the pain. According to the court, they have been granting him USD 31 million for the compensation of the relatives and for the damages that have been done to him.

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