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Who Is Dereck Jamal Boykin and why was he arrested?: Crimes have become a serious matter these days. Every day we are seeing on news channels that crime has been happening in every corner of the world. People saying that cops did not do their duty properly. They need to be more aware of these crimes. Recently, a case has been seen out that Dereck Jamal Boykin has raped a teen girl in Broad Daylight near a school. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Dereck Jamal Boykin Arrested

He first says to her that if you come with me then we have some fun together and you will be enjoyed it. At first, she thinks that he was talking about the amusement park fun or having a ride. Later on when she finds out that he was touching her without her permission. She says stopped. You are getting too close with me. I am not your girlfriend. His anger is coming after listening to her and forcefully tries to rape her.

Cops started their investigation. They first checked the CCTV footage where the guy was trying to take her into the car and then he forcefully raped her. Cops identified the man. His name was Dereck Jamal Boykin. He was a criminal and cops are searching for him for so many days now he is in the hands of cops and they are taking care of him. Dereck was arrested in the case of attempting the rape of a 17-year-old girl. However, the girl’s identity was not discovered yet. It was only known that she was going to school for her studies. But halfway Dereck came out and tried to take her in his own car.

Who is Dereck Jamal Boyking?

Dereck was a 38-year-old criminal who have commit many crimes in the past and cops have full of records of him. In the past, he robbed many guys and steal many purses. Sometimes, he robbed the bank and stole millions of money which people have earned day and night by just working. Talking about her personal life, Dereck was unmarried and he has no children. His family details were not available yet. When this news came out in the public, cops didn’t reveal the identity of the girl and didn’t reveal her family for some reason. They don’t want to showcase the girl’s family in front of the public.

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