Who Is Faith Nketsi’s husband, Nzuzo Njilo? Age, Instagram, Wedding Photos, and, more!

Who Is Faith Nketsi’s husband, Nzuzo Njilo? Age, Instagram, Wedding Photos, and, more!: On social media, the wedding videos of Nketsi and her husband Nzuzo Njilo went viral on the internet. People share this news on several platforms and become a huge topic on the internet. But that’s not it. The interesting thing is their marriage will take traditionally. That means there is no involvement of modern things and no use of technology except photos and videos. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Who Is Faith Nketsi’s husband, Nzuzo Njilo?

The reason for doing this is because they don’t want to forget their cultures and values. Through marriage, they want to create awareness in the society where people don’t forget the old customs and some rituals. It was good that we are adapting to the modern era in our daily lives. But we also don’t have to forget our rituals. Those are the foundations, says Nketsi.

Faith Nketsi’s and Nzuzo Njilo Wedding Photos

When her marriage life was circulated by her family and friends. One of her close friends Kim Kholiwe says, Many Many Many Congratulations on your marriage life. She further added, She sees and attended so many marriages but rare ones which have the involvement of traditional. She will try her best to attend the wedding. As she was busy in her daily life and it is very difficult to find time in today’s world.

The wedding was private in which only a few selected individuals attended it. She chose this decision because she doesn’t want to increase her marriage expense. Already half of her budget was consumed and she doesn’t want to increase more.

Who Is Nzuzo Njilo?

Nizuzo Njilo is in a truck business. He owns some trucks where his employees move the goods from one place to another. And he makes a good amount of money in it. Sometimes, he makes thousands and thousands of dollars from just one truck. If he owns twenty to thirty trucks then he becomes a millionaire by just using the trucks. Unfortunately, he didn’t get that client.

Recently, he got a client who offered him a good amount of money. He didn’t hesitate to grab this deal and he accepts. From one deal, he makes over six figures in just one month and that was insane. Besides this, he also owns a parlor business, owns the beauty shops, and also has some other businesses. She was lucky to marry the rich guy.

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