Who is Frank r James Youtube? Brooklyn subway shooting ‘suspect’ is the person who rented the truck from uhaul

Breaking: Frank James is the person who rented the truck from
@uhaul that the police think is related to the subway attack. Truck keys recovered at the 36th Street Station of the N Subway #Subway #Shooting

Police reports that they have identified person of interest named Frank James in connection to subway shooting in Brooklyn, New York in which multiple people were shot.

Who is Frank r James Youtube? Brooklyn subway shooting ‘suspect’ is the person who rented the truck from uhaul image 175

Frank R. James was designated as a person of interest in the Tuesday morning Brooklyn subway shooting.

Police are asking anyone with knowledge of James’ whereabouts to call them. A $50,000 reward will be offered for any information that leads police to James.

At least 10 people have been shot and killed in the shooting Photo: Rex
Police said a Glock 17, three Glock magazines, shells, bullets, two detonated smoke bombs, two unexploded ones, an axe and a U-Haul key were found at the scene.

The keys took investigators to the van, which was found in Brooklyn, but its connection to the case is unclear.

“Law enforcement has brought to our attention that they are looking for a rental car and that it may be related to the suspect in today’s incident in New York City. We are working closely with authorities to ensure they have all the information available to meet their needs demand,” U-Haul said in a statement.

Police said the suspect, who is about 5 feet 5 inches tall, fled wearing a green construction vest, gray sweatshirt and a gas mask.

A shocking photo shows a bag-like bag believed to belong to the gunman being recovered at the scene full of firecrackers.

Law enforcement told NBC that the bag contained an axe, pepper spray, two gas canisters and a smoke bomb.

Sources told the New York Post that police also recovered a jammed Glock pistol and two extended magazines, suggesting more damage could have been done had the gun not malfunctioned.

Authorities located the U-Haul van associated with the shooting just before 5 p.m., NBC reported. The location of the vehicle is not yet known.

The Arizona-licensed white truck was found abandoned in Gravesend on West 3rd Street off Kings Highway. Police cordoned off surrounding streets as they waited for bomb squads to inspect the van.

Detectives alerted the U-Haul van after they found a credit card at the scene that they believed belonged to the gunman, according to The Washington Post, citing sources.

One of the car expenses was related to the U-Haul lease in Philadelphia, sources told the outlet.

While the station’s cameras weren’t working, police were reportedly able to obtain pictures of the suspects from cellphone video of bystanders.

Police said the incident has not been investigated as an act of terrorism.

NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said that as the train pulled into the station, the suspect donned a gas mask, pulled a gas canister from his pocket, and opened fire when the car filled with smoke.

“The train started to fill with smoke and then opened fire, hitting several people on the subway and on the platform,” the NYPD official said.

A total of 29 people were injured, including 10 shooting victims. All victims are expected to survive.

Investigators are reportedly combing the subway tunnel based on eyewitness testimony that the perpetrator may have jumped onto the tracks.

New York Mayor Eric Adams, who is quarantined with Covid-19 at the Gracie Building, told CNN: “We don’t have a positive ID [about the suspect] at this time.” The gunman is said to have acted alone. Motivation unknown.

As of 5 p.m., the suspect was still at large. Firefighters first responded to reports of smoke at the 36th Street Station in Sunset Park around 8:30 a.m.

There, they found several people shot and reports of unexploded equipment, the FDNY said. However, Commissioner Sevier later confirmed that there were no known explosives on the subway.

Emergency alerts sent to New Yorkers told them to avoid the area.

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