Who is Giovanni Quintella Bezerra? Medico Anestesista Preso En

According to reports and news, an anesthesiologist recently detained after implicated in a rape that occurred in the wee hours of Monday. Yes, you read that correctly—a very well-known anesthesiologist involved in this crime. However, investigators working diligently to identify the patient—Sai—who was being abused by this individual as she prepared to take a medication. Follow For More Updates at Giovanni Quintella Bezerra by Worldrapiddnews.com

Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, who is he?

32-year-old Giovanni Quintella Bezerra is an anaesthetist at the hospital da Mulher in Brazil. Only two months have passed since he finished his anesthesiology. There are no other private information about him or his family.

He is a citizen of Brazil. After posting a video of himself placing his penis in a woman’s mouth and sexually assaulting her while she was having a caesarean section, Giovanni Quintella Bezerra quickly became well-known on social media sites including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others.

During surgery, he sexually abused and raped the woman for more than ten minutes. Later, the videos removed from all of the social media accounts because they had surpassed the privacy policy’s guideline limit.

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What time did the incident occur?

The rape happened on July 10th, a Sunday. As doctors revered as gods, the social media companies removed the video when it became viral. People will never trust any other doctors again after watching all of these horrifying films. The rape victim’s identity kept a secret.

The reports claim that the husband of the expectant mother instructed to leave the operating room during the procedure and not permitted to see his newborn child. Giovanni performed two additional procedures that day; because there was a curtain between them, no one could see what was going on. Therefore, his coworkers installed a covert camera in the operating room before to the third operation.

It was then discovered that he had s*xually abusing the pregnant woman who deeply sedated. The cops apprehended him as soon as the video went viral. He performed two other procedures on women, and it alleged that he allegedly sexually assaulted those two women. The inquiry is ongoing. However, the hospital is currently handling the victim’s and family’s care.

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