Who Is Guy Willison? Facts To Know About The Find It, Fix It, Flog It Main Cast

A unique London motorcycle manufacturer is Guy Willison. He is best known for his work with the show’s main host, Henry Cole. Henry and Guy work together at a motorcycle show.

When he first met Henry, Wilson was a tuner and a dispatch technician. They finally agreed to collaborate on Gladstone motorcycles in 2013. This guy’s recent absence from Find It, Fix It, and Flog It has confounded viewers at home.

One explanation for the celebrity’s exit from the show could be that he started his own company, 5Four Motorcycles. He was reportedly too busy to appear on Channel 4, according to several viewers.

Guy Willison

Who is Guy Willison from finding it, fixing it, whipping it?Wikipedia Profile for Motorcycle Designers

General Manager of Guy Willson’s company 5Four Motorcycles is. He is best known for his work on TV shows The Motorbike Show, Shed and Buried, Find It, Fix It and Flog It.

One of the best motorcycle designers and manufacturers in the UK is a celebrity known as “Skid”. Guy started a new chapter in his motorcycle career by starting his own company, 5Four Motorcycles.

5Four Motorcycles builds and restores limited edition motorcycles. The media reported their work on a limited-edition Tian CB1100 RS in September 2019 in partnership with Honda.

He transformed the Norton Commando into the magnificent Norton Commando 961 Street, a limited production run of 50 motorcycles, all of which were sold out within a week and people’s hearts were pounding.

Additionally, Guy is a native of London, England and attended Shiplake College for higher education. He appears to have really put his energy into redesigning the motorcycle and has not considered sharing any additional personal information on a platform that is open to the public.

Who is Guy Willison’s wife?

The motorcycle’s redesigner Guy Wilson has yet to reveal his wife’s name. His marital status is also unknown as he has never been revealed in the media.

The celebrity has not revealed any information or peeked at his personal life on his social media site Instagram. All the photos on his account are of motorcycles. Because he almost never talks about his marriage or personal life, it’s hard to draw any conclusions.

Guy was recently observed to be involved in discussions about key criteria that will be used to evaluate motorcycles for a Honda Owners Club meeting at the Sammy Miller Museum.

They launched the podcast with Willson colleagues Adrian Giles and Chris Witham. The podcast covers motorcycle electrical theory and several ways to redesign a motorcycle. His YouTube channel Guy Willson has more than 34,400 subscribers and hosts podcasts.

5Four Motorcycles Guy Willison Managing Director  Who Is Guy Willison? Facts To Know About The Find It, Fix It, Flog It Main Cast Managing Director of 5Four Motorcycles Guy Willison 300x300

5Four Motorcycles Guy Willison Managing Director

Guy Wilson’s friendship with Henry Cole

Henry Cole and Guy Wilson have a special bond and their friendship is admirable. Willson’s was inspired by Henry Cole’s Gladstone motorcycle brand.

Wilson’s friend Cole has always supported him and has been Wilson’s biggest source of inspiration to try out new ideas and find motorcycles and bikes of all kinds, and he’s always by his side.

Guy shares multiple photos of him and his friend Henry on his Instagram account, where his 1900+ followers can access him via @guywillison54.

Who is Guy Willison?

Guy Willison was born in London and is known for making handmade motorcycles.

Henry Cole is the main host of Find It, Fix It, Flog It, and he is largely responsible for his notoriety. Henry and Guy have previously worked together at the Motorcycle Show.

When Guy worked as a technician and tuner in the dispatch department, Henry was one of the clients he served. After that, they concluded that they should work together to launch Gladstone Motorcycles in 2013.

From what we’ve found, Guy doesn’t have any social media profiles. He has completely disappeared from sight!

5 Four motorcycles

Guy recently decided to go out on his own and build his own business, which he calls 5Four Motorcycles.

The callsign from his work as a courier inspired the name of the company.

5Four Motorcycles is a company specializing in the production and restoration of limited edition motorcycles. Their work has recently received media attention as they partnered with Honda in September 2019 to build a limited edition Tian CB1100 RS motorcycle.

TV’s Guy Willison to set up motorcycle company

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