Who Is He? I Said I Want To Marry An Israeli Virgin

Hello, everyone who enjoys entertainment! As we all know, the homeless actor from Nigeria named Kenneth Aguba is receiving a lot of attention as a result of his most recent statement. The actor with a base in Nigeria astonished a sizable number of people. When he mentioned a reputable nation in his statement. The strange and homeless actor caused controversy online and even received backlash for his statement across all social media sites. He credited with being a founding member of Nollywood, the popular name for the Nigerian film industry. Follow For More Updates at Worldrapiddnews.com

According to sources, the 71-year-old actor recently published a video in which he appeared and declared his intention to wed an Israeli virgin girl. He claimed that he had made the decision to marry a woman since he wanted to settle down in his life right now. He was a destitute actor who had been helped by Apostle Chinyere Chibuzor. Who gave him advice and even a house while advising him to make sure he would get married. However, the Nigerian women who are expressing their ardent love for the actor really buzzed over his statement. Kenneth Aguba

Despite the fact that he listed all the qualifications he seeks in a mate in his most recent video. According to the actor’s statement, he stated in the video that he wanted to marry a virgin from Israel. The video quickly and widely circulated around the Internet. The entire video has drawn a lot of criticism. And some Internet users have even made fun of the seasoned actor. However, the actor once more steals the show with his statement. Which quickly becomes one of the most popular subjects on the Internet.

Who Is He? I Said I Want To Marry An Israeli Virgin kenneth aguba2

As we previously mentioned, the actor was 71 years old when he made this remark, and according to Internet users and other people. The actor’s age is too great for his desires. Some online users have even mocked the actor by saying, “In your dreams.”

Aguba is regarded as one of the greatest performers in the Nigerian film industry. Who has so far nailed every part he has played. He is reputed to be one of the best actors and have a large following. For the most recent news and updates, follow Social Telecast.

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