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Who is Isaac Baruch? Johnny Depp’s Childhood Friend Claims Amber Heard had no Bruises

who is Isaac Baruch

One of the childhood friends of the renowned and prestigious Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, Isaac Baruch recently arrived at the Fairfax County Court located in Virginia. His friend arrived at the court during a hearing wherein he was summoned as the second witness of the former’s proceeding defamation case by Depp against his ex-wife Amber Heard. His statement has been recorded and even started surfacing on the Internet on different social media platforms. All the fans of the Hollywood megastar are learning more about further statements. Get more information on Johnny Depp’s childhood friend who appeared as a second witness in the court.

According to the latest reports claiming that while providing his testimony, he said that he heard that the Heard alleged his friend with domestic violence charges but all of the charges were baseless. Baruch further said that didn’t notice or watched any kind of wound or any other injury at the time he met with Heard. He says he met the actress in the year 2016 just a short while after the alleged fierce incident but there are no signs of bruise or harm on her body.

After Johny Depp was found not guilty in the case that created enormous controversy the versatile actor lodged a defamation lawsuit against his former partner. Jhonny’s former partner Amber Heard accused the popular actor of domestic violence charges in 2018 in Washington. The lawyer of the actor claimed that his client affirmed that this controversy scathingly affected the fame and the career of the actor. In addition to this Depp sued Amber heard for libel in a $50 million defamation lawsuit but the latter reciprocated her former husband for $100 million. As per her statement, Depp was under the influence of alcohol and intoxicated at the time he assault her.

As per the reports, the court hearing was held on Wednesday at Fairfax County Court where Isaac Baruch was approved as the second witness of the proceeding for Jhonny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation hearing. The second witness then opened up about his first meeting with Heard after the incident.

He met with the actress on 22nd May 2016, the same day Heard alleged the prestigious actor for attacking her brutally. She says he was inebriated and intoxicated at the time. The case seized worldwide attention from the till now. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.


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