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Who Is Jake Harding? 14-Year-Old Autistic Everton Fan Who Mobile Phone Ronaldo Smashed Video Viral on Twitter and Reddit: A video is creating a buzz on social media, especially on Twitter in which star player Cristiano Ronaldo can be seen smashing at a fan’s hand. Since this video surfaced on the internet it has crossed millions of views and thousands of comments have been commented on that video by the netizens. Fans are angry after seeing such kind of behavior from their favorite player. Regarding this video, many questions are being searched on social media such as who is the guy in the video? and why did Cristiano smash at the fan’s hand? Here you will get much more to know about this incident so keep reading this story till the end. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Who Is Jake Harding?

According to the sources, the fan who eventually got involved in this viral video is identified as Jake Harding. Jake Harding is a 14 years old boy and it has also come to know that Jake is a supporter of Everton. But Jake remained shocked when Cristiano smashed at his hand and perhaps broke his phone. This matter is gaining countless attention across social media thanks to Cristiano’s popularity and fan following throughout the world. Look at the next section to learn more about this incident.

Jake Harding’s Video Explained

Jake Harding: 14-Year-Old Autistic Everton Fan Who Mobile Phone Ronaldo Smashed

This matter happened after the moment when Everton handed a defeat to Manchester United at Goodison Park. After the conclusion of the match, all the players were returning to the dressing room. But it is seeming Cristiano was in no mood to encounter any fan at that moment. But Cristiano lost his control and did what he should not. Moreover, it has also known to us that the star player also abused Jake Harding’s mother named Sarah Kelly. Jake’s mother said that her son may not come again to see Cristiano or any game after this incident. Keep reading this article and learn what Jake’s mother said after the incident.

Sarah said she took her son to the stadium for the first time in his life to watch his favorite Everton match against Manchester United. She was enjoying the match with her son sitting in the Park End very close to the tunnel where both away and home players pass through at the end of the game. Sarah also complained about Cristiano’s reaction to the Liverpool ECHO. Jake was recording all the players passing through the Park End to the tunnel but he put down his phone after Cristiano’s reaction. Stay tuned with us.

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