Who Is James Kevin Pope? Criminal Records And Mugshots Jailed For 4,060 Years

In recent news, jurors condemned James Kevin Pope to 40 life sentences. Yes, the man has been sentenced to almost 4060 years for sexually assaulting three minor girls. As shocking as it may sound, the news is true. The man has been sentenced to more than 4000 years as he raped three teenage girls over two years. After finding Kevin guilty of the crime, the jurors sentenced him to 40 life prison terms, one for each conviction, and 20 years for each of the three sexual activity of a child convictions. Check more details here.

James Kevin Pope was sentenced to more than 4,060 years in prison on Wednesday for sexually assaulting three adolescent females. For almost two years, Pope has been assaulting three adolescent girls. It came to the attention of officials earlier this year after Pope made a number of dubious remarks to a pal who notified Child Protective Services. Throughout the trial, the youngsters testified about the assault, and their sexually explicit video was introduced as evidence. In closing arguments, Pope’s legal counsel told jurors that the victims couldn’t comprehend what had happened, according to the Weatherford Democrat on Wednesday.

During the sentencing phase of the trial, a US Secret Service agent testified that he found more than 200 images of children. Well, it was enough for the jurors to prove that Kevin Pope was guilty of sexually abusing the minor girls. As mentioned, Pope’s defense lawyer Rick Alley told the jurors that the girls were incapable of understanding what exactly happened to them and tried to divert the attention of the judges. However, it could not really help them as the judges gave their verdict against Kevin Pope saying it was a very shameful act as it included minor girls whom he used for two years.

Despite the man given a sentence of more than 4000 years in prison, the netizens are not leaving any stone unturned to bash the culprit. It is no doubt to state that the girls would have suffered pain and embarrassment after being molested by the 42-year-old man. The news has spread on social media and has taken the interest of many social media users towards it. Everyone is shocked to learn the terrifying piece of news and is criticizing the man. Not much information about Kevin Pope is available on the internet yet. We are trying to get more details on the case and on the culprit. Stay tuned with us!

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