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Who Is Jewayne M. Price? Suspect Of The South Carolina Mall Shooting Arrested: This is to inform you that the prime suspect of the shooting incident that took place in the South Carolina Mall has been apprehended. The police department has released a statement to give an update regarding the most talked about incident of this time. People were distressed to know who is the suspect and where is he now? The recent shooting incident led the people to ask “Are we safe in public?” In this article, you will get every reliable and authentic information regarding the horrible incident that left stunned everyone. So you are advised to follow this article till the last line of the column. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Who Is Jewayne M. Price?

According to the released, the prime suspect has been apprehended and the identification of the suspect has been done. The arrested man is identified as Jewayne M Price. He is a young boy who is just 22 years old boy. The police department reported that officers recovered a firearm from the suspect. The suspect was captured by the officers shortly after the shooting incident that happened in South Carolina Mall. The chief of the Columbia Police department said, “Jewayne is one of the three suspects who were involved in the shooting incident that took place inside the Mall”. However, the other two suspects are yet to be arrested but those perpetrators would not remain free men for a long time.

Jewayne M. Price Arrested

The other personal information of the arrested suspect has not been shared by the Columbia Police department. Furthermore, police also claimed that a total of 14 people became the victims of this shooting incident. Reportedly, victims of the shooting incident in the mall are from 15 years of age to 74 years of age. Since people have got to know that the police have made an arrest following the shooting incident they are eager to know about the suspect’s personal information.

South Carolina Mall Shooting Suspect Arrested

According to the reports, the arrested boy is just 22 years old and he is an American. He might be a Catholic or Christian boy. Currently, he is being charged with felony charges for injuring 14 people with gunshots. However, he was not the only one who was involved in the feud. There are two more suspects who are yet to be arrested. Jewayna M Price is currently in the custody of the Columbia police and he is probably being interrogated by the officers. The further updates and developments of this case will be shared with you on this page.

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