Who Is Jimmy Donaldson Aka Mr. Beast Youtuber? Elon Musk Wants Mr. Beast To Be His Twitter Heir!

A piece of very interesting news is circulating like Wildfire on the Internet when the owner of Twitter Elon Musk said that he is going to transfer the ownership of Twitter to the famous YouTuber Mr beast if he dies in any mysterious circumstances. And as we all know that recently he has been receiving a lot of death threats from Russia as he has been helping Ukraine with Starlink satellites. He has openly supported the Ukrainian people and criticized the Russian invasion. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Jimmy Donaldson?

He is indeed a really interesting character and he bought m for 44 million dollars on April 25 he is the current chief executive officer of Tesla and founder of space access. Is one only the real-life Tony Stark? He has been posting some really interesting and weird to its recent and I recently stated that he is dead and his mother slammed him for that comment. The real name of Mr beast is Jimmy Donaldson. He is famous for posting videos on YouTube and recently organized a real-life Squid game.

Mr. Beast Youtuber – Age Family Instagram & Net Worth

and the video has millions of views and likes. Elon Musk was just kidding about the transfer of ownership. Mr beast currently has more than 90 million subscribers and he was the top American creator in the year 2021 he has a huge fan base and he is also a very commendable philanthropist and has contributed many earnings and money earned from the advertisements and donated around 1 million dollars through various charities.

Recently when Elon Musk tweeted that if I died in any mysterious circumstances it’s been nice knowing you and Mr beast replied that if that happens can I have Twitter and Elon Musk replied that ok. These 4 lines are one of the topmost topics to discuss on the internet. Elon Musk currently has more than 2000 satellites in low Earth orbit and he has been using them to provide the cheap internet services to Ukraine he is also planning to go to the Mars by the end of this decade and he has been working on that direction for day and night and he is currently living in an apartment and he sold almost all of his property.

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