Who Is Johntae Collier Boyfriend Eric Dodds? Why He Was Arrested? Reason, All Charges & Allegations!


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In this article we are going to update and tell you about Johntae Collier’s boyfriend, Eric Dodds. So the well-known couple is birthing and people have been waiting to know about the situation which is why they have been coming out in the open which is why Eric has been sharing the present as Johntae is charged with murder and assault yes. he heard you right according to reports the US has reports on the murder of the suspect being captured in the hornswini that took place Wednesday night while Collier was being arrested and a case has been filed against him. Let us know more about the incident in this article. Follow our website ElMundoChismosos.com for the latest updates!!!!!

What was Johntae Collier’s boyfriend Eric Dodds arrested for?

So now everyone is talking about him and he was being arrested for having a full motive for murder and having a weapon through which he was going to assault after that he was taken into custody where he was for med county jail and has been charging for the fugue in justice on Wednesday night however according to the day’s report he has been detained in relation to this particular matter so he is also coming to Limelight and is said to be the second suspect of this particular case. identified as her boyfriend Eric according to the investigators, they or investigated both of them for having connection with that particular model and the investigation continues before, people believed that he was the one who had the hand in this incident, but after some time Eric was who also created a go fund me campaign to support him. Eric was the one who tried to convince the audience and make people aware of that participation. eye incident.

Johntae Collier’s boyfriend Eric Dodds is subject to arrest

However, Eric was trying his best to be able to influence the number of people using the social media platform, as we all know, social media is a platform where we can influence the number of people with a purchase of a second, influencing them. He has been telling the audience that they have been involved in this incident unfairly and have no connection to this particular incident now Eric is the prime suspect in this particular incident however the investigation is still going on if we talk about police officers, so they have been keeping the information private and have revealed something about Des particular investigation so far, but these two suspects who were under the eyes of the police have not been found and the police have not even said nor revealed anything about them.

Johntae Collier’s Boyfriend Eric Dodds: All the Charges and Accusations

On the other hand, if we talk about the people who use the social media platform and use the Tiktok app and other social media plans, they understand the situation and have been a soft corner and feel sympathy for the victims and the family if we talk about Eric and Johntae’s accounts on the social media platform so they are currently inaccessible or we can say they have been temporarily deleted and they decided to leave the community for now as they are creating a lot of controversies and they don’t want him to get into this, we know. who was the constant user on the social media platform and was available on the online platforms, but when Johntae was arrested by the police, he was the one who was completely hidden on the social media platform.

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