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Who is Julissa Thaler? Minnesota Mom Arrested for Killing 6-year-old Son Body Found In Truck, #Julissa #Thaler #Minnesota #Mom #Arrested #Killing #6yearold #Son #Body #Truck Welcome to O L A S M E D I A TV N E W S, This is what we have for you today:

A shocking piece of news is coming to the front. Julissa Thaler, a Minnesota mom, has been arrested for allegedly killing his 6-year-old son. The news has shaken everyone to the core as everyone is concerned about how can a mother take her own son’s life. It is reported that the mother was arrested for killing her child and stuffing his body in the trunk of her car. Ever since the news surfaced on the internet, it has caught the attention of many. Let us check further details of the matter here.

body  Who Is Julissa Thaler? Minnesota Mom Arrested For Killing 6-year-old Son Body Found In Truck « CmaTrends Who is Julissa Thaler Minnesota Mom Arrested for Killing 6 year old

According to reports, cops discovered Eli Hart’s body in the trunk of his mother’s Chevy Impala when they made a traffic stop in Minnesota on Friday morning. As the officials found the young child’s body in the trunk of her vehicle, she was arrested. Let us also add that the police noticed blood on the interior of her car. It resulted in the officers investigating the car. It has been coming forward that Tory Hart, Eli’s father, made numerous complaints about the woman doing drugs and her mental health problems.

However, those were ignored by the courts. Sources confirm that despite the complaints against Julissa, the latter was given full parental custody of the six-year-old. It all happened before his body was discovered. Sharing the story, Tory Hart’s fiance Josie Josephson stated that the court failed as the handed over the boy to his mother knowing well that her mental health is not stable and she has substance abuse issues. Josephson added that no matter how many cries they cried, the court ignored all the warning signs and went on to give the child’s parental custody to her.

Now, it has resulted in the unfortunate death of the child. As per the family court documents, several social workers were concerned with Julissa’s mental health too. They worried about her unstable living situation and criminal history. According to the reports, Julissa Thaler received numerous traffic infractions for speeding or using a phone while driving.

Besides, she also had a hearing in June regarding the theft of pharmaceuticals. Also, one document claimed that Julissa was jeopardizing her son’s relationship with his biological father. Let us add that due to Julissa’s efforts to block him from his life, Tory Hart could have a relationship with his son until the beginning of 2021. For more updates, keep following our site and get worldwide news.

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