Who is Karey Burke? WHO is the president of Disney who makes promises to LGBTQIA

Disney’s content chief has pledged to up the ante on gender politics in a meeting with stakeholders, promising that at least half of the characters in its productions will be LGBTQIA or minority by the end of the year.

General Entertainment President Karey Burke said on a company-wide Zoom conference call that Disney needs to do more to be more inclusive.

The call is part of Disney’s Reimagine Tomorrow campaign, which promises that by 2022, 50 percent of characters and content will be from underrepresented groups.

Who is Karey Burke? WHO is the president of Disney who makes promises to LGBTQIA image 445

Meanwhile, Disney’s head of diversity and inclusion, Vivain, said they no longer refer to theme park visitors as “ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls,” but “dreamers” and “friends.”

Burke choked up on Monday and said the problem arose near the home because of her children.

“I’m actually a mother of two queer kids, a trans kid, and a pansexual kid, and a leader,” she said.

During the same plenary session, TV animation executive producer Latoya Raveneau gushed about Disney’s inclusivity and boasted about adding “queer” to programming and production.

“Our leadership there was very welcoming of my not-so-secret gay agenda,” she said. “I’ll add queerness whenever possible. Nobody wants to stop me and nobody tries to stop me.

Video of the meeting was leaked to conservative journalist Christopher Rufu of the Manhattan Institute’s urban magazine, who first reported the news on Twitter.

Mickey Mouse has been rocked by protests, backlash and strikes after Florida Gov. Ronald DeSantis signed the so-called “Don’t Say Homosexual” bill.

Legislation prohibits teaching children about sex, gender identity and sexual orientation “in an age-inappropriate manner.”

Disney employees walked out of company headquarters last week to protest Florida’s slow response to the law.

Parents, on the other hand, have blasted the company for what they say is pandering to liberal politics.

Meanwhile, the animation and live-action studio announced it would increase the number of gay characters in its films.

“I’ve heard a lot from many of my colleagues in public forums over the past few weeks, via email and phone calls,” Burke said. “I feel obligated to be a voice not only for myself, but for [my children] as well.”

She defended 20th Century Fox as “the birthplace of truly incredible, groundbreaking LGBTQIA stories over the years.”

But she said that wasn’t comprehensive enough.

“One of our executives stood up and said, ‘You know there’s just a few weird quotes in our content,’” Burke said. ‘I went, ‘What? This can’t be true. Then I realized it was true.

The company launched a campaign called “Reimagine Tomorrow” with the goal of representing more minorities.

“By 2022, 50 percent of regular and recurring characters in Disney Integrated Entertainment’s scripted content will be from underrepresented groups,” according to Reimagine’s promotional materials.

On Friday, Disney CEO Bob Chapek vowed to work to repeal the law and apologized to the LGBTQIA community for not being “a stronger ally in the fight for equality.”

DeSantis said the company was overstepping its authority.

The animation company also brought in Equality Florida co-founder Nadine Smith, who said the Sunshine State has long had a strong anti-gay movement with the ultimate goal of keeping children away from their parents.

“If they can obliterate you, if they can criminalize your existence, if they can demonize who you are, then the next step is to criminalize you and take your children,” she said.

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