Who is Kartel Pikabu? Watch Kartel Pikabu Leaked Viral TikTok Video

All the customers of the famous significant video sharing platform TikTok is totally aghast after watching a horrible video circulating with the title Kartel Peekaboo. Well, along with TikTok the video is also surfacing on Twitter. The disturbing video made the blood run cold of all the viewers who watched it so far. It is even shared rapidly on other social networking sites as well and started trending on the Internet. A considerable amount of users have watched it numerous are still curious to know more about the content of the video. Get more information on Kartel Peekaboo’s video viral on Twitter.

According to the latest reports, the video is showing the brutal killing of a child. Many TikTok account holders who have watched the video are burst into tears seeing the cruelty of the video. The video is streaming with a caption with violent content. However, the video has been removed from the account but till then many users had watched the clip before it got deleted. As we mentioned all the people who have watched the video are in immense shock.

If we discuss the video, a cruel man is stabbing a child fatally, the child was crying in the video and wincing in pain uncontrollably. The man stabbed the child to its death, the mishap was being recorded at the time and later posted on Twitter where it went to other social media platforms and grabbed the attention of the users. The devastating video had even trending on the web and getting searched by Internet consumers. Although considering the immense violence in the video, it had been deleted by the authority but it has been recorded by multiple users.

As we mentioned multiple times that the video has been watched by numerous users and all of them are devastated to see the harrowing killing of the child. Most of them are even trying to collect information about the boy and the details of the circumstances under which the killing took place. Social Media clients are trying to obtain more information on the boy and trying to share as much as it can come to the attention of law enforcement.

Earlier to Twitter, the video starts surfacing on Telegram and it mainly surfaced in Russia. We will get back to you with more information and all the latest updates on the video till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.

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