Who is Katumwa Deus in twitter? whats happened? leaked video

Please twitter join wiz me to mourn 4 our friend who made suicide in dubai may her soul rest in eternal peace,but one day Africa as a continent will be liberated and time will come when we a nolonger slaves to those pipo okusirika sibutamanya,remain blessed I love u all

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Deus Katumwa is a Twitter account that shares the suicide video of the victim in the Porta Potty video. Despite its inappropriate nature, it is widely shared by netizens.

In today’s social media age, it’s unusual for something to go viral for more than a week. The video of Porta Potty Dubai was originally shared on Reddit but is still circulating on social media due to its weird and disgusting content.

The woman, who went on holiday to Dubai, suffered inhumane behaviour and is believed to have committed suicide. Here’s everything we know about the incident and the rumored suicide video.

Who is Deus Katumwa on Twitter? Porta Potty led to the discovery of suicide videos on his account

In his Twitter bio, Deus Katumwa refers to him as a statesman and revolutionary citizen of his country. However, it was the video he posted of a woman committing suicide that got netizens looking for him.

This tweet alone gave him a big presence on social media. With thousands of likes and retweets added, it was assumed he was doing it just to get attention, the original video everyone was looking for.

In the play, a woman climbs out of the window of a huge building, and there are stop-stop sounds, but in vain. She jumped to the ground unhappy, sacrificing her own life in the process.

Twitterattis said if this was the original Porta Potty video girl, then obviously because after what happened to her, she couldn’t be alive. It’s not certain if Deus brought out the same girl who jumped off the building.

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Porta Potty Dubai video goes viral – is this why the girl committed suicide?

The Prota Portty Dubai video has gone viral on all social media platforms. A woman traveling to Dubai has been treated inhumanely. Sadly now, the woman decided to kill herself after the incident

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She is an unknown woman who wants to get rich, so she travels to Dubai to meet her wealthy friends. All costs are taken from her. She claims to have been to Dubai for a weekend.

According to a woman who witnessed the inhumane act, she recounted the inhumane treatment upon her arrival in Dubai.

She shares an incredible experience during a fully reimbursed weekend trip to Dubai. According to the woman, her wealthy colleague was a high-class prostitute who made a living in Dubai, where she spent several weekends and was often approached by sex-hungry Arabs who paid generously.

This video is more disgusting than imagined, and there are no words to describe it.

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