Who is Lospelaosbro? YouTube channels of Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Eminem hacked’ by Lospelaosbro #Lospelaosbro

Lospelaosbro Hacking YouTube Channels

Who is Lospelaosbro? YouTube channels of Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Eminem were hacked’ by Lospelaosbro A Spanish’sh**posting’ account appears to have hacked Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Eminem, and a slew of other A-list celebrities’ YouTube feeds.

‘Justin Bieber – Free Paco Sanz (ft. Will Smith, Chris Rock, Skinny flex & Los Pelaos)’ was one of the strange videos published to several accounts.

Paco Sanz is a Spanish criminal who defrauded hundreds of people by claiming to have a terminal disease and then lying about it.

Sanz sings in Spanish while holding a guitar sideways and overdubbed with strong artificial beats in the video.

Who is Lospelaosbro?

Following the’slapgate’ fiasco between the two stars at the Oscars last month, the reference to Will Smith and Chris Rock in the headline could just be a tactic to garner clicks.

In a flurry of tweets, the account @lospelaosbro (which gets its name from a Latin musical group) claimed responsibility for the attacks, asking for suggestions on who to hack next and posting photographs of what appears to be Paco Sanz.

@lospelaosbro’s true identity is unknown. Although the Twitter account was only created this month, it already has over 7,500 followers.


According to Business Insider, @lospelaosbro’s Paco Sanz video remained live for nearly an hour before being removed from YouTube channels.

Another video, captioned ‘Daddy Yankee – SPEED IS THE BEST HACKED BY @LOSPELAOSBRO ON TWITTER,’ was shared on Harry Styles’ YouTube account, among others.

It shows a group of young males dancing outside to an altered rendition of ‘Hit the Road Jack’ while wearing sweatshirts with the word speed on the front.


Lospelaosbro Hacking Everyone’s YouTube Channel

The hackers also changed the title of a song by Spanish rock duo Estopa called ‘La Raja de Tu Falda’ on Michael Jackson’s YouTube page to I like ki. ds @LOSPELAOSBRO’.

A YouTuber simply stated: ‘I always adore it when an artist tries something new,’ in a comment below one of the videos.

The strange movies appear to be erased by the channels once they are uploaded, but Twitter user @ZyxerY has posted a small clip of Paco Sanz’s video.

@lospelaosbro is a a’sh**posting’ account, according to Business Insider, which means it posts stupid, irrelevant, or purposefully inflammatory stuff on social media to elicit a reaction.

Google, which controls YouTube, has been approached by MailOnline for more information on why these videos have been appearing and how the accounts have been hacked.


Who is Lospelaosbro? YouTube channels of Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Eminem hacked’ by Lospelaosbro #Lospelaosbro hqdefault


Lospelaosbro Hacking YouTube Channels

It’s probable that all of these high-profile YouTubers are utilising the same third-party service to manage their social media activities, according to Graham Cluley, a computer expert and security blogger.

If that third-party service was hacked, it may allow someone to post videos in the names of famous people.

‘Another option is that a YouTube employee with access to user accounts was hacked, and hackers took use of their privileged access to publish videos.’

‘I’m not aware of any specific YouTube vulnerability, although one could exist.’

‘Fans of these celebrities would be wise not to take any links or statements presented by these unusual videos at face value, since they could be pointing to a hoax, a risky bitcoin investment, or something else entirely.’

According to Jake Moore, a cybersecurity analyst at ESET, the problem is most likely related to a third-party organisation that maintains such accounts.

I’m guessing it has something to do with shared internet account passwords,’ says the author.

‘Even with multi-factor authentication enabled, many high-profile social media accounts are managed by a third-party organisation, and once validated, such accounts may not require log-in data every time on the enabled device.

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