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Who Is Luis Mejia Hernandez? Alexandria City High School Student Stabbed To Death: A very sad and shameful incident occurs in school. this incident will damage the image of any nation. our sources give us true information related to this matter and I will give you the complete information related to this incident don’t go anywhere this article is very important for us and especially for your children. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Who Is Luis Mejia Hernandez?

On May 25, Tuesday fierce incidents occurred. Luis Mejia is a teenage boy who lost his life in the fight. Luis Mejia was a student of Alexandria city high school. According to our sources around 30 to 50 people have encircled Luis and beat him very strongly and one person digs a knife into his chest. this incident occurred at the midday outside the shopping center and near McDonald’s.

Police reached the spot of the fighting and hospitalized him and after his treatment doctors declare him as dead. Police investigated this case and search all of the people who beat Louis brutely. According to the CCTV footage, some of the culprit images are clearly shown and they will arrest them as soon as possible. Alexandria police Will take a statement from all eyewitnesses and the school principal and his friends also. the principal said to the police that this kind of incident will make a bad reputation for the school. police strictly replied to him that one child had died and you care about this school’s reputation. police are in contact with the other state police and request him to close all borders of roads and circulates all poster and images of some culprit.

His all family members are in the trauma and they want only justice and demand to the police that all of the culprits will strictly punish and hung in the middle circle of the roads. the public is very angry after this incident and they are going on the strike and raising their voice against the government this issue will become a national issue, and lots of parents are asking to government that if this kind of incident is occurring then we not admitted his child in any school. police are trying to maintain the silent situation and the emergency situation is seen. opposition leaders are raising this issue in the parliament.

The public came out of their homes and go for the candle march and give a tribute to Luis. may her soul rest in peace.

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