Who Is Maala Parvathi? All About Malayalam Actress As She Quits AMMA Sexual Harassment Panel

Who Is Maala Parvathi? All About Malayalam Actress As She Quits AMMA Sexual Harassment Panel

Maala Parvathi is a superstar in the south Indian film industry. She is not only a superstar actress but she is also a notable member of the AMMA panel. Currently, the actress is in the limelight and creating a lot of buzz on social all for good reasons. Netizens are praising the superstar for the step that she has taken. Letโ€™s dive into the article and find out all about her and the reason why she is being praised by the netizens.

Maala Parvathi is 51 years old actress from southern India. Maala was born on 18 May 1970, in the capital city of Kerela Thiruvananthapuram. She was a bright student from the beginning and thus she opted to study psychology in graduation. She has a degree in Human psychology. Later she went on to become an actor and she succeed in that too.

Who Is Maala Parvathi?

Currently, the actress has been in the limelight and is creating a lot of buzz on the internet. The reason behind this was the stand she took. Recently, popular actor Vijay Babu has been accused of rape by an upcoming actress. As soon as this news came out, it created a massive havoc reaction from the public on social media. The young budding actress confessed that Vijay Babu, promised her to give great roles and later raped her. Netizens started bashing the superstar for his misdeeds with that young girl.

Amid all this controversy Maala Resigned from her position in ICC ( Internal complaints committee ) which was formed by the AMMA ( Association of Malayalam Cinema Artists). Her resignation from the organization is sudden and has shocked everyone. After resigning from her post at the ICC, Maala Parvathi opened up about the reason why she left the association. The popular star revealed that the only reason why she left the association was, that the association has failed in taking action against the rape accused superstar Vijay Babu.

Although she has resigned from her post at ICC but she will still be a member in AMMA. As soon as she resigned, netizens hailed her and praised her for taking such a brave stand against the popular superstar. Many other female artists came into her support and praised the way she chose to protest against this. Netizens are admiring her for taking such a major stand against this sexual abuse. We all saw when this case came up how big superstars kept mum and tried to ignore this serious allegation, but only Maala Parvathi came in the support of the young girl.

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