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Who is Malcolm Connolly

After a very long, once again Johnny Depp’s bodyguard Malcolm Connolly is remaining the subject of wide discussion among everyone, especially those who makes their daily appearance on social media to make themselves acquainted with the world affair. But since viral scandals occupied the platform, everything has been overturned upside down. Something similar is again catching the heat as Malcolm opens up on injuries sustained by the actor, as their honeymoon pictures are getting circulated on social media while making the huge rounds while making the headlines. So below you could get the comprehensive details along with some shocking facts.

As per the exclusive reports or sources, on Thursday, Johnny Depp’s bodyguard Malcolm spoke out about the injuries of the actor while taking a stand to testify in the former’s ongoing defamation trial controversy against his ex-spouse Amber Heard. On the basis of their honeymoon photos, the hearing was held on where Malcolm said that due to their abusive relationship, these injuries and stains are spotting on his body as those wounds are still speaking out the truth. It was shocking to hear for their admirers, but after getting the testimony everything has been as clear as a mirror.

Reportedly, Malcolm said that “At the beginning, everything was incredible between the two as their honeymoon period was looking great as Johnny was happy to marry her. Later Amber started to change as she was getting a bit more feisty, demanding as she wanted to wear the pants in their relationship. But maybe there were some issues in that, as he could hear the screaming of Amber with shouting and bawling, later he noticed straight as most of these marks were happening on the left-hand side of Depp’s face. There would be stretches on his neck too, either he stepped into a door, or the door has stepped into him.

Further, Johnny Depp’s bodyguard unleashed those unknown facts which were remaining hidden from the eyes of the law and their admirers. During the hearing, he said, that he was the one who saw Johnny happy to quiet due to the complications of his relationship with Heard. Further, he mentioned that he had gone through such a toxic relationship as everyone could see the injuries. As his spouse was dominating enough and became the thorn in his throat, but despite this, he tried his best to sort out everything. But nothing worked ahead and as the consequence, they had to take hard decisions.

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