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Who Is Marina Ovsyannikova? Russian Journalist Fined After Live Broadcast Protest

Who Is Marina Ovsyannikova? Russian Journalist Fined After Live Broadcast Protest, #Marina #Ovsyannikova #Russian #Journalist #Fined #Live #Broadcast #Protest Welcome to O L A S M E D IA TV BLOG, This is what we have for you today:

These days, when the situation of war between Russia and Ukraine is increasing, many more issues are coming to the fore, which is worrying somewhere for both governments. This is the reason, that whenever something is coming out, it is becoming a matter of great discussion because no one had thought about the circumstance which is taking the place. Something similar is again coming ahead as Marina Ovsyannikova since the Russia TV Protest occurred. So below you could get the comprehensive details along with those pieces of information which is remaining unknown from the eyes of everyone.

As per the reports or sources, ever since the invasion of Ukraine is started by Russia on 24th February 2022, the normal civilians of Russia are not wasted the time protesting against the conflict. Even the regular anti-war demonstrations fill the normal roads to condemn Putin’s actions which he is making nowadays against Ukraine. On 13th March 2022 around 14,500 protestors have been arrested in 151 Russian provinces since the protests started according to the information of OVD. But the entire attention has been grabbed by Marina Ovsyannikova who condemned Putin’s action on live Television, which is making the huge headlines on social media.

Who Is Marina Ovsyannikova?

Reportedly, Marina Ovsyannikova is a popular TV personality and editor of Russian state TV’s Pervyi Kanal (Channel One) and is now surrounded by controversy after condemning the actions of Russia’s President Putin against Ukraine. Through the broadcasting, she said “Stop The War”, and “Go To War” besides all these she mentioned that do not believe in propaganda, they are lying to you here. After getting the footage of the statement the producers cut the scenes from the recording, as they know very well that her statement could set the fire among everyone. Even a few are slamming her as well, for disgracing the President of her own country.

As soon as everyone is getting acquainted with the news their shocking reactions are coming out, as a few are saying that Putin is doing everything correct. But at the same time, a few are condemning Putin’s actions as she has done, in short, many perspectives are coming out regarding the issue. So if you want to get a bit deeper then you could search for her as the entire statement is making the huge headlines on social networking sites. So here we have mentioned some pieces of information which have been derived from the other sources and when more will come we will update you.

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