Who Is Maxwell Frost From Florida? Gen Z Candidate Wins CD10 Democratic Primary

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Maxwell Frost, a well-known American businessman and entrepreneur, is now running as a Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives election for Florida’s 10th District on August 23, 2022.

Regarding his social media presence, Maxwell can be found on Facebook and Instagram, where he has approximately 6,246 and 1,756 followers, respectively, with a total of 308 posts. Likewise, he has been active on Twitter since August 2009 and currently has over 24,200 followers in addition to his 1,649 followers.

Who is Maxwell Frost?Wikipedia details

The Wikipedia page for Democratic candidate Maxwell Frost is still under construction. If you are interested in learning more about Maxwell Frost, please take the time to read our post.

Maxwell Frost, born in 1997, is a prominent Florida Democratic candidate. He turns 25 on January 18, 2022, and Capricornus is his natal zodiac sign. Apart from that, he is a citizen of the United States of America because he was born in Florida. Likewise, he has a mixed-race background and is Christian.

Meanwhile, his full name is Maxwell Alejandro Frost, and he attended the Osceola County School of the Arts during his school days.

In terms of his physical attributes, Maxwell is 5-foot-7 and a healthy weight. In addition, his wingspan is not bad.

Who are Maxwell Frost’s parents?

In 2002, Maxwell Frost was welcomed by his mother in Florida. On the other hand, he did not reveal the identities of his parents at the time. In fact, Maxwell revealed that both his mother and grandmother faced challenges after arriving in Florida from Cuba. He went on to say that his grandmother, Yeja, worked more than 70 hours a week and his biological mother struggled with substance abuse, criminal activity and violence. Because it was impossible for his mother to raise all seven children alone, she decided to put him up for adoption.

Interestingly, his mother, Maritza Arbigay Frost, and his father, Patrick Frost, were responsible for raising him. His mother, Maritza, was an in-school development teacher at Osceola County Schools, and his father, Patrick Frost, was a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer with multiple awards for his work.

In addition to this, he also uploaded a photo on his Instagram account of him and his sister Maria, who they grew up with and their name is Maria.

Is Maxwell Frost Married?

To this day, Maxwell has not married anyone. Additionally, he appears to be unmarried and has been preventing the media from learning about his relationship. He’s more focused on his career and has avoided any hassle with dating rumors and controversies by focusing entirely on his professional endeavors.

Having said that, he probably has a girlfriend behind your back.

When did Maxwell Frost start his career?

Maxwell began his career in 2012 and served as Field Organizer, Deputy for the New York City Council for Hillary for America, MoveOn.org, Democratic Spring and Brian Cunningham from 2012 to 2012 Governor and Florida State Organizer. 2017.

Additionally, he served as field director for Margaret Good’s campaign for Florida Home in 2017 and was promoted to the position of associate communications director for Florida’s Fair Shakes in 2018. Between 2019 and 2021, he held various positions at the March for Our Lives, Bernie Sanders as President, and the ACLU, such as Country Director, Manager, and Specialist.

Likewise, he has been acting as Maxwell Alejandro Frost’s congressional candidate since August 2021.

Congressional candidate Maxwell Frost wins 2022 Florida primary

As one of the first Gen Z members to run for Congress, Maxwell Frost won the Democratic primary, according to the Associated Press.

With the Orlando-based district known for its staunch Democrats, his victory all but secured his seat in Congress.

He will run against Republican Calvin Wimbish in November. He ran for office on Medicare for All, student debt relief, the Green New Deal, and progressive platforms to end gun violence.

After the 2012 massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, Maxwell became active in politics as a high school student. He also shared his experience fleeing another incident of gun violence.

The former National March director and ACLU activist defeated nine competitors, including former Florida representatives Colleen Brown, Randolph Bracey and Alan Grayson.

In addition to garnering significant national support from progressive luminaries such as Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, the candidate has vastly outpaced his rivals in fundraising.

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