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A piece of very serious news came about a mother and get spread all over the social media and internet world. in the news, it is said that a mother uh killed her five-year son. this news shocked everyone how can our mother can do such a  ruthless crime with her own son. no one is able to believe this news which was circulating everywhere, The name of the mother is said to be Michelle  Lodzinski. According to the information, it is said that the mother lost her son in the year 1991 at an extravaganza or you can say festival. The sources said that she always builds false stories regarding her son’s missing incident.in the year 2016 her son is found to be dead and the case gets solved. she makes fool of the police department many times .this news gets into the trending section of social media and everyone is just talking about this thing. Follow Our website CmaTrends for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Michelle Lodzinski?   Who Is Michelle Lodzinski? Where Is She Now, Reason Explained, Age, Family & More! « CmaTrends DETAILS Who Is Michelle Lodzinski Where Is She Now Reason

Who Is Michelle Lodzinski?

They have many queries and questions in their mind. Many individuals surf the web to get more information about this ruthless incident. so we are here to help you and give you every possible information about this case, so stay stuck to our blog and get updates from all around the globe. The name of the lady’s late son is Timothy Wiltsey. she gets pregnant when she is just sixteen years old.it is said that she began to get on the court at just small adolescence age. her partner named George Wiltsey is don’t give any money for the upbringing of the child. he also uses abusive language toward the mother.the Michelle  Lodzinski. it Is really on the small money which she earns from giving tuition to some youngsters. society and the citizens honor her for being a strong and hardworking mother.

Where Is Michelle Lodzinski Now?

Because of her love and affection towards her child, no one gets to believe that she has some involvement in the demise of Timothy(her child). The new jersey supreme court take her under the case after getting some witnesses that she killed her son on her own. the reason for the death of Timothy has not been revealed yet .according to the sources the boy is lifeless for several months which means he gets died very much ago. the police department starts their investigation over this case.

Michelle Lodzinski: Wikipedia & Biography

They also interrogate all the family members and especially Michelle  Lodzinski. (her mother). this case get revived after almost 24 years .by the sources it is said that the investigators found some proof .they found a blue color blanked which has some connection with Timothy’s demise. as of now, the mother Michelle  Lodzinski  Is out of custody or jail .she must spend her life 6n years killing her own son. 

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